Your Baby Is 12 Weeks Old!

Motherhood can make you feel totally lost one minute (what does that cry mean?) and like an old pro on the next ("The Wheels on the Bus" helps her fall asleep every time). And, with the 12-week limit for most maternity leaves almost here, it's only natural for these feelings to intensify. If you'll be returning to the office, some good old-fashioned guilt may also start to surface. Seek out other moms who've made the return to work — either at your own office or elsewhere — and talk with them as you go through the process. They'll be able to provide valuable experience, support, and reassurance.
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Feb 2017
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Back to work reluctance?
Interviewing a caretaker?
Back to work pumping?
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Baby might be sleeping through the night by now! If she isn’t sleeping through the night yet, don’t despair - all babies get to this (wonderful) stage at their own pace. She’ll also soon be able to bear weight on her feet and push down with her legs. During tummy time, you may see her attempts to push herself up, often using her head. These are her first baby steps (excuse the pun) toward walking!


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[tip]  Breastmilk can last up to eight days in a refrigerator, so you might want to consider pumping in advance — it’s a great way to take pressure off your boobs!

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