Your Baby Is 13 Weeks Old!

If you're returning to work and need to get baby to take a bottle, there are lots of different techniques to choose from. You can try switching up breastmilk and formula throughout the day (if you're planning to switch to formula) or having someone else feed baby from a bottle intermittently (if you'll be pumping during the day). No matter what method you go with, there's sure to be an adjustment period — just keep reminding yourself that a few bumps along the way are not an indication that you're doing the wrong thing.
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Updated March 2, 2017
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Baby talk
Baby’s always known who you are, but now he can really show it. You may notice him smiling and kicking when you make eye contact, or replying to your conversation with little gurgles. Talk with baby as much as possible to help develop his language skills — point out things you see, read out loud, sing to him, and do everything else you can to keep the conversation flowing.


[tip]  During tummy time, roll a small, soft ball in front of baby. Simply reaching and grabbing for it will help develop him hand-eye coordination.

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All medical information reviewed by Dr. Paula Prezioso of Pediatric Associates in New York City

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