Your Baby Is 22 Weeks Old!

Baby will soon be able to grip her own bottle, but she's still not ready to drink from it unsupervised. Falling asleep with milk pooled in her mouth can lead to an ear infection, and she also could choke on the milk. Better safe than sorry, especially when baby is learning a new skill.
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Mar 2017
Your Baby Is 22 Weeks Old!
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Grabbing and dropping
Blocks are a great toy for her — they’re big enough for her to grab and encourage the thumb-and-forefinger grip that she’ll continue to develop over the coming months. She’s also learning the fun (for her) game of dropping things. Though it might feel as though she’s just trying to torture you, she actually likes hearing the sound objects make when they hit the ground.

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**[tip] **Sit down on the floor, stretch out your legs, and set baby down between them. This lets her use your legs as railings while practicing her newfound agility.

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All medical information reviewed by Dr. Paula Prezioso of Pediatric Associates in New York City

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