The Best High Chairs of 2022

The 12 Best High Chairs for Every Lifestyle

Your little one will be sitting pretty in one of these stylish, practical and functional high chairs.
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February 3, 2022
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Plenty of baby gear items fall into the unnecessary category. But a high chair isn’t one of them. The best high chairs go beyond mealtime and offer baby a place to safely sit from day one, growing with your child as they progress from bottles to bite-sized snacks to full dinners. And with many brands prioritizing aesthetics along with functionality, high chairs no longer have to be an eyesore. Our favorites balance function, features and style. Yes, we’ve found baby gear you’ll actually want to have out in your home. We’ve rounded up 12 of the best baby high chairs available today—but first, some important things to consider.

When Can Baby Sit in a High Chair?

Before making any decisions, it’s critical to understand the safety guidelines surrounding high chairs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you shouldn’t introduce solid foods until baby can hold their own head up and they’re able to sit without much support, if any. These milestones typically happen around the 6-month mark, which also happens to be the appropriate age to start using a high chair. That said, manufacturers provide specific age recommendations for their individual products—and many can be safely used from the newborn days, depending on the seat’s recline options and other features. Whenever you introduce a high chair, it’s important to use it safely; the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends the following:

• Make sure the high chair has no chance of tipping. That means placing it far enough from the table or counter so baby can’t use their feet to push themselves back. Don’t let other children play or climb on the high chair either.

• Always supervise your child when they’re in their high chair and never let them stand.

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• Take advantage of the high chair’s safety straps—they should always be buckled. Don’t ignore crotch straps; they prevent baby from sliding out.

• When you unfold a collapsible high chair, make sure it’s locked so it can’t refold while in use.

• If you need to use a hook-on high chair, use extra caution. Not all tables are heavy enough to support these types of high chairs. Keep an eye on baby’s feet, too—if they can kick the table, they could potentially dislodge the seat.

How to Choose the Best High Chair

Safety is an obvious priority, but you’ll also want to think about your lifestyle before selecting a high chair. Keep the following things in mind while you browse:

Safety. The best high chairs are sturdy, stable and secure. Safety harnesses keep babies and tots strapped in, while wide bases prevent tips. If you come across a high chair with wheels for portability, make sure they lock and that the chair can’t roll away.

Size and shape. Will baby be eating most of their meals at home or on the go? That might help you determine whether you want a big high chair that stays out all the time or a lightweight, portable travel high chair. Think about how big your space is, if you’re hoping to stow the high chair away when it’s not in use and whether or not you want a travel or outdoor high chair in addition to a standard option.

Convenience. What will make feeding time easier for your family? Maybe it’s a really easy-to-clean high chair. Perhaps you need a foldable high chair you can collapse and expand in a breeze. Again, it boils down to identifying your specific wants and needs.

Longevity. Many of the best baby high chairs aren’t inexpensive, so you’ll want to get the most bang for your buck. Whether baby’s high chair is wooden or plastic, it should be built to last. Many top-rated high chairs have convertible, multifunctional designs. Consider something that transitions to a booster or toddler seat.

The Best High Chairs to Shop

With that information in mind, you’re ready to browse the best high chairs—and we’ve rounded up lots of versatile options. Here are 12 of our favorite high chairs available today, each boasting impressive features, stylish designs and noteworthy safety mechanisms.


Overall Best High Chair: Skip Hop Sit to Step High Chair

It’s rare that a piece of baby gear works for nearly every situation or scenario—but the Skip Hop Sit to Step high chair comes extremely close. Need an infant-friendly seat? This baby high chair features three different angled reclines for optimal infant positioning. Want a high chair that will grow with your little one? The Skip Hop works throughout the toddler years, seamlessly converting into a step stool for growing kitchen helpers. For those tight on space, this high chair has a convenient flat fold; for parents looking for an easy-to-clean high chair (eh-hem, all of us!), the Skip Hop has both a machine-washable cover and dishwasher-friendly tray. If there’s anything not to love about our Best of Baby 2021 pick for best high chair, we’ve yet to find it.

Buy it: Skip Hop Sit to Step High Chair, $181,


Best High Chair for Small Spaces: Fisher Price SpaceSaver High Chair

Really looking to save space? Look no further than the aptly named SpaceSaver: a super-small high chair that attaches to a regular dining chair. It’s great for seamless integration, as it won’t take up any extra space (and the tray stores conveniently on the back of the seat for easy storage). But what this compact high chair lacks in size, it makes up for in features. It has three different recline options and two height positions to grow with your little one—plus, it has a dishwasher-safe seat, tray and tray insert for easy clean up. Better yet, is its affordable price tag. Simply put, there’s a lot to love about this little high chair.

Buy it: Fisher Price SpaceSaver High Chair, $55,


Best Portable High Chair: Bombol Pop-Up Baby Booster Seat

The Bombol booster seat is a former Best of Baby winner for a reason: With a genius origami-inspired design, it folds flat and stores in a slim carry bag, and is incredibly easy to assemble when mealtime rolls around. Plus, it has a five-point harness and is a total breeze to clean, thanks to its stain-resistant finish. All in all, this portable high chair is ideal for toting around on any outing or trip.

Buy it: Bombol Pop-Up Baby Booster Seat, $130,


Best Foldable High Chair: Joovy Nook High Chair

Sometimes, an always-there high chair kills your kitchen’s vibe—even if it’s cute. In that case, opt for a foldable high chair you can stash in a closet or pantry. The best we’ve found is the Joovy Nook, which features a compact flat fold for easy storage, no-scratch floor pads, an adjustable five-point harness and a swing-open tray which can be operated with one hand. A nice bonus: This foldable high chair comes fully assembled right out of the box.

Buy it: Joovy Nook High Chair, $130,


Best Hook-On High Chair: Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Comfortable, convenient and cute, the Inglesina Fast Table chair checks all the boxes for a hook-on high chair. Perfect for kitchen islands and restaurant tables (or any table, for that matter), the Inglesina hook-on high chair attaches with a simple twisting motion (with no scratches left behind). It also folds flat, weighs less than 5 lbs, and comes with a carry case, making transport a breeze. Plus, the sleek Italian design makes this one piece of baby gear you won’t mind leaving out.

Buy it: Inglesina Fast Table Chair, $80,


Best Infant High Chair: Peg Perego Siesta High Chair

What are the absolute must-haves for an infant high chair? A safe recline position and a secure, comfortable seat—and the Peg Perego Siesta high chair offers both these non-negotiables (and more). Five recline positions, nine different heights and three footrest positions make this best infant high chair pick perfect for feeding, playing or resting. Four wheels let you bring baby with you from room to room and automatic locks keep baby safe while on the move.

Buy it: Peg Perego Siesta High Chair, $300,


Best Toddler High Chair: Stokke Steps

Stokke has you covered through the toddler years (and beyond) with their new Steps high chair. In fact, this high chair will take you all the way into your child’s teenage years (seriously). The 5-in-1 seating system can be used with the tray, five-point harness and safety bar during the squirmy toddler years, and then it can all be removed to convert the high chair into a stylish chair that pulls right up the table. The footrest dually serves as a step, allowing your little one to climb in and out (safely) on their own, and the high-quality construction holds up to 187 pounds.

Buy it: Stokke Steps, $290,


Best Affordable High Chair: IKEA Antilop High Chair

It may be no frills, but the price on this iconic IKEA high chair cannot be beat: At just $22, the Antilop is certainly one of the most budget-friendly options available. The price tag isn’t the only standout feature though. Parents praise its space-saving Swedish design, simple assembly and disassembly (it simply pops together) and its easy-to-clean surfaces.

Buy it: IKEA Antilop High Chair with tray, $22,


Best Convertible High Chair: Maxi-Cosi Minla 6-in-1 High Chair

Easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean—Maxi-Cosi is all about making parents’ lives easier with this convertible high chair. It features nine different seat heights, five recline options and four tray positions (all adjustable with the push of a button), making our best convertible high chair pick one you can use from the newborn days through toddlerhood. It can be used as a fully reclined newborn seat, a traditional high chair with or without the tray, a booster seat or a toddler stool, ensuring you’ll get plenty of use out of this workhorse of a high chair. And for the rare moments you’re not using this Best of Baby winner in your kitchen, simply fold it flat to stow away.

Buy it: Maxi-Cosi Minla 6-in-1 High Chair, $250,


Best Easy-to-Clean High Chair: LALO The Chair

There’s a reason—several, in fact—that this high chair consistently sells out. LALO’s The Chair comes with two sets of legs: Longer ones for its high chair years and a shorter set so that it can be used as a play chair for toddlerhood and beyond. And over those years of usage, this high chair is built to handle messes big and small. The cotton cushion is water repellant, stain resistant and machine washable—or you can simply remove it altogether. The tray is also dishwasher-safe, and the silicone straps can either be wiped down or machine-washed. Easy-to-clean and nice to look at—now that’s a winning combination.

Buy it: LALO The Chair, $215,


Best Wooden High Chair: Stokke Tripp Trapp

If solid and sturdy are at the top of your high chair wishlist, look no further than the Stokke Tripp Trapp. Made primarily from European beech and oak woods, the Tripp Trapp won’t just keep your child seated securely—it can also safely hold up a 242 pound adult (for real though). The adjustable seat and footplates are designed to ergonomically support your child at any age, ensuring their comfort and safety. Plus, it slides right up to the table like a dining chair, allowing your little one to be a part of dinner from day one.

Buy it: Stokke Tripp Trapp, $280,


Best Modern High Chair: Bloom Fresco High Chair

Come for the futuristic aesthetic, stay for the extensive feature list. The Bloom Fresco high chair doesn’t just look cool, it is cool. The cocoon-like seat works for newborns (thanks to its full recline cradle position) and can be used up until the age of 8 (give or take), making the hefty price tag easier to swallow. The seat easily adjusts from counter height to table height, and swivels a full 360 degrees—two rare features in high chairs. The Bloom Fresco also comes with two dishwasher-safe trays, an adjustable footrest and a safety bar, making our best modern high chair pick the complete package.

Buy it: Bloom Fresco High Chair, $599,

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