Your Baby Is 7 Weeks Old!

You and baby are both learning new things every day. As he grows, baby's senses of vision, hearing, and touch develop, and he's increasingly able to take in the world around him. Now is a good time to introduce a rattle — it'll let him try out his grip and help him learning about how sounds are made. And you? You're learning what colors and sounds he likes, based on whether he grins, grunts, or kicks. (Trust us, you'll have your own little communication system developed in no time.)
ByJulia Wang
Editorial Director
January 30, 2017
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Your little observer
Baby’s into brightly colored, three-dimensional objects these days. His eyes can now hold a steadier gaze, so you may notice he pays more attention to that rotating musical mobile above his crib. He’s increasingly sensitive to texture and loves feeling different objects, like a soft blanket or hard rattle. Just make sure any dangerous or breakable objects are out of baby’s reach, because he’ll grab for those as well.


[tip]  Keep the conversation flowing! Remember to talk with baby rather than at her — even though her only response will be an adorable coo or two right now, it’s still helping her verbal development.

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