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Q&A: How To Burp A Baby?

I feel like I'm not burping my baby right. It takes forever! What am I doing wrong?

Burping helps baby get rid of air swallowed during feeding, and keeps them from spitting up and becoming cranky and gassy. In other words, burping benefits you just as much as it does baby. Burp when you switch breasts, or for every two to three ounces she gulps down. Try one of these techniques, and if you still have trouble, remember the good news: By five or six months, baby will practically burp herself.

[ ] Lay baby belly-down down on your lap, with her headabove her chest, and pat her back.

[ ] Hold baby facing your chest, with her chin on your shoulder. Use one hand to support her head and the other to rub her back. Or, face her outward and leaning a bit forward, supporting her neck and chest with one hand.

[ ] If baby can hold her head up, try standing and hold her against your body, facing outward. Then apply gentle pressure on her stomach as you walk around the room.

Find the position that works best for your little one, and don't be afraid to pat firmly. Infants are tougher than they seem, and being too gentle won't burst those air bubbles that are bugging your babe.