Other Origin(s):British
Meaning:Saint's name; Cheerful, lighthearted; Roofer, thatcher; Healer; From near the bend
Helier is a masculine name with Latin and English roots. To start, it can refer to Helier, the hermit and patron saint of the island country of Jersey, as well as Jersey’s capital city. If your little one has links to this place in the world, Helier can be a valuable choice. Helier may also have links to the English last names of Helyer, meaning “healer” or “from near the bend,” and Hellier, meaning “roofer” or “thatcher.” If you want to treat is as a fun spin on Hilary, Helier can have links to the Latin word hilarius, meaning “cheerful” or “lighthearted.” Whether you want to help baby feel safe and secure under your roof or encourage their happy, giggling demeanor, Helier can make for a great choice.

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