Other Origin(s):Latin
Meaning:Laurel or sweet bay tree; Symbol of victory; Luring rock; Alluring temptress
Loralyn is a feminine name with German and Latin origins that is rich with meaning. This name acts as a blend of Lauren and Lorelei, and reached its popularity peak in the 1940s, giving it a versatile, vintage sound. Translating to “laurel or sweet bay tree,” this name will always connect baby to the beauty of nature and an evergreen symbol of victory. If you want to inspire baby’s wanderlust, Loralyn also means “luring rock,” referring to the popular rock stack, The Lorelei, in Germany’s Rhine Gorge. Lorelai was also the name of a siren-like figure in German mythology. Since her enchanting enchanting voice led sailors to shipwreck on the rocks, its fitting that this name also translates to “alluring temptress.” Whether you want baby to share your love for traveling or spooky mythology, the name Loralyn has a lovely ring to it.
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