Other Origin(s):German, Latin
Meaning:Moor, from Mauritania
Moritz is a boy's name with Swiss, German, and Latin connections. With Switzerland bordering Germany and German being one of the country’s four official languages, you’ll find a lot of Swiss names with German roots. Switzerland was also part of the Roman Republic before it fell, leaving behind plenty of Latin influence on names like Moritz. A variant of names like Maurice or Mauritius, this name means "Moor" or "from Mauritania." Historically, the term Moor was first used in the Middle Ages to describe Muslim followers living in North Africa. If celebrating your heritage or family roots is significant to you, a name like Moritz is a great way to honor your ancestors. Alternatively, you may count the Swiss resort town of St. Moritz as one of your favorite vacation spots. Famed for its stunning scenery and Alpine ski slopes, this idyllic location has hosted the Winter Olympics on two occasions.
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