Meaning:devastating, capable of great destruction
Neera is a sweet feminine name whose Spanish origin reveals a most devastating potential. A variation of Deyanira, from the Ancient Greek Dēiáneira, Neera means "capable of great destruction." It's a striking homage to the mythological figure Deianira, wife of Heracles, who unwittingly killed the famous hero under the deceptive guidance of the river God Nessus. While Deianira has forever been epitomized as the "man-destroyer," the myth reveals her dangerous act to have been one performed from a place of deep love. Driven by a desire for Heracles's absolute faithfulness, Deianira's tale of self-destruction cautions against the blind following of another for personal gain. Empowered by insight, young Neera holds within them the means to demolish the past and create anew, guided only by themselves.
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