Other Origin(s):German, Latin
Meaning:Chase the people; Conducive to the people; Ruler of the forest; Life-giving
Witold is a masculine name with Polish, German, and Latin roots. Serving as a Polish version of the Lithuanian name Vytautas, it can translate to “chase the people” or conducive to the people.” This can be interpreted in a variety of ways, from encouraging baby to work to be a part of the community they love to inspiring them to be a good leader. If you want to help them embrace their tree-hugging side, Witold also has Old German roots, coming from Widald and translating to “ruler of the forest.” It may also come from the Latin name Vitus, meaning “life-giver.” Whether your little one feels more at home leading the charge, exploring nature, or being a source of healing for people, Witold can make for a great fit.
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