This Sustainable New Diaper Brand Aims to Help Fight Diaper Need in America

“We want to fix the economic inequality in the diaper industry. Everyone should have access to affordable diapers, and great quality diapers.”
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ByNehal Aggarwal
Associate Editor
Feb 2021
Baby wearing believe diaper brand.
Photo: Believe Diapers

Sustainability and charitability are both goals many brands are aspiring towards. Launching on February 23, Believe Diapers is aiming to do both.

The sustainable and socially responsible brand features a 1:1 charitable component, meaning with every diaper purchased, the same quality diaper will be donated to an U.S.-based family in need. Plus, the brand will not only donate one pack of diapers for each pack of diapers sold, but it will also donate one million diapers to Good+ Foundation, a national nonprofit that works to fight multi-generational poverty by offering essential good and services for low income families.

Photo: Believe Diapers

Along with the commitment to giving back, Believe Diapers are also eco-friendly and made without harmful chemicals, additives and preservatives. Their diapers are also responsibly sourced from materials like bamboo, making them naturally antibacterial, deodorizing, breathable and very absorbent.

The brand was founded by Joe Masi, based in New York City and founder of Triptent, an innovative ad agency, and Uli Herzner, his wife, fashion designer and former Project Runway star. The couple were inspired to create Believe Diapers after reading an article around the need for diapers in America.

“Our hope is to spread the message that we are not only a great diaper but have a better mission: To help people who really need it. We want to fix the economic inequality in the diaper industry. Everyone should have access to affordable diapers, and great quality diapers,” Masi and Herzner tell The Bump. “As Believe Diapers grows as a company, we will be adding more products that are all environmentally safe and contribute to our 1-for-1 model. Our real hope when we started Believe was that many other companies, regardless of industry, would follow in our footsteps to give back more, not just to people but to the planet too.”

The diapers will launch on Tuesday, February 23 on

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