You Can Turn Your Breast Milk Into Glittery Rainbow Jewelry

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Updated April 25, 2017
breastmilk pendant with rainbow glitter the glittered acorn
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Here’s a piece of jewelry that will be very valuable to you, but probably not to anyone else.

Stumped? Think about all the times you pumped. Or gave baby a suckle. That oh-so tender bond that blossomed between you, baby, your boobs and your milk! Let’s pack it all up into a wearable keepsake. Breast milk jewelry? Oh yes.

That’s the idea Aletha Ely, mom-of-two and owner of Etsy shop The Glittered Acorn had when she fashioned these novel pieces.

“To sustain a life with your own body is truly an amazing thing,” Ely tells The Bump. “ I started seeing breast milk jewelry available and knew that was something I wanted. Something to celebrate this time of my life (and my babies).”

Over the course of four years, she nailed down her own top-secret jewelry-forming process.

The Glittered Acorn thrives on handmade, not mass-produced, keepsakes. “I’m a very natural-minded person and super sentimental,” she says, adding one of her biggest achievements is her breastfeeding journey. “[These pieces] mean more to me than anything available at a jewelry store. They remind me of scrapbook in a way. Your keepsake pieces tell a story that no other person has. Each piece is unique for many reasons and I believe that’s what makes these so incredible!”

When Ely was asked to make a piece for a mom who had a rainbow baby, this magical momento resulted.

“To create a keepsake that celebrates the breastfeeding journey between a mother and child PLUS adding in the rainbow-factor…I was truly thrilled to do so,” she says.

In addition to breast milk jewelry, Ely crafts other pieces using what she calls real life inclusions. These include locks of hair (both people & pets), cremation remains (both people & pets), fabric, dried flowers, dried placenta (from placenta encapsulation pills), feathers, teeth, pregnancy test strip snippets and umbilical cords.

Interested in your own keepsake? Check out her store. But if you’re looking for a more classic collectable, check out our baby keepsake guide.

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