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profile picture of Anisa Arsenault
Anisa Arsenault
Associate Editor

Nursing Covers Too Stylish Not to Wear in Public

Gone are the days of mistaking nursing covers for aprons and one-person tents. These six styles serve double duty as fashion statements, so you can feel good about breastfeeding on the go.

Oslo Nursing Cover by Dria

How you wear it: This jersey T-shirt-style nursing cover goes on just like a poncho. The light, super-soft fabric (organic modal, which boasts twice the softness of cotton) means all-day comfort for you and gentle feeding for baby.

Why we love it: Not only is the Oslo on trend, it’s also multifunctional; the stretchy fabric can double as a canopy for your stroller or car seat. Plus, once your nursing days are over, it makes the perfect beach cover-up. Nobody’s going to ask you if you’re wearing a nursing cover — we promise.

$80, DriaCover.com

Photo: Dria

Itzy Ritzy Nursing Happens Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf

How you wear it: With this infinity scarf, it’s all about versatility: Double-loop it around your neck, or wear it as a capelet. When you’re ready to nurse, unwrap the fabric, draping it over one shoulder and around your body for complete coverage.

Why we love it: One of the most convenient covers we’ve seen, this lightweight scarf can be worn as a statement piece year-round. It comes in 13 different cute patterns that are so flattering you’ll be tempted to pick up more than one.

$25, ItzyRitzy.com

Photo: Itzy Ritzy

Loyal Hana Cybelle Nursing Dress

How you wear it: No instructions necessary here; this is an actual dress, and a game-changing one at that. Strategically placed hidden zippers allow you to breastfeed or pump without even taking it off, which is a huge relief for moms who thought they had to swear off dresses while they nurse or if they pump.

Why we love it: Stylish enough for the office or an evening out, this shirtdress takes nursing covers out of the equation entirely.

$115, LoyalHana.com

Photo: Loyal Hana

Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl

How you wear it: No tricky wrapping or snapping with this shawl; just slip it over your head like a shirt and go about your day in style.

Why we love it: Finally, a trend tailor-made for pregnancy and nursing. The figure-flattering stretchy jersey fabric (bamboo and organic cotton) works beautifully draped over a bump, then continues to provide discreet coverage during your postnatal nursing period.

$23, Amazon.com

Photo: Bamboobies

NüRoo Nursing Scarf

How you wear it: Better question: How don’t you wear it? It’s a scarf! A tunic! A shrug! And, yes, even a vest. Snaps along the width of the fabric allow you to cover up more or less and create different, wearable styles.

Why we love it: Pair it with any outfit; this versatile nursing accessory is there when you need it. Even better: The super-soft fabric is designed to stay wrinkle-free.

$30, NuRooBaby.com

Photo: NüRoo

Buttermilk Babies Signature Series Swaddle

How you wear it: Granted, this wasn’t designed to be worn like a traditional nursing cover. But if a multi-pack of swaddles is what you have on hand, then it’s what you’re going to use. Drape one over yourself and baby for a DIY cover, which is what plenty of moms do as a nursing-cover hack.

Why we love it: With plenty of swaddles out there to choose from, what makes Buttermilk Babies so adorable are the hip prints: Zoonicorns, Gemstones, Knuckle Sandwich and Graffiti. Plus, the cotton and bamboo-rayon fabric blend is safe for the most sensitive of baby skin.

$75 for 4, ButtermilkBabies.com

Photo: Buttermilk Babies