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H&M Has a ‘Daddy and Me’ Collection and It Has Family Photos Written All Over It

Get your camera ready!
PUBLISHED ON 04/24/2019

Don’t freak out, but H&M has an entire Daddy and Me line and you’re going to want to buy all these looks for your family.

The collection features attire for special occasions so dads and their littles can sport matching fashions. It offers standalone items, like dress shirts, pants, blazers and vests for adults and kids. The line gives you the option to mix and match different looks catered to your kiddo, with styles available in a bunch of different colors and patterns to match each personality.

Although you likely won’t be rocking these outfits at the park, they’re perfect for when it comes time to refresh your family photos. Pair fashion-forward suits for dad with matching blazers and pants for his mini. For an extra-adorable look, you can purchase a shirt with bow tie or a short sleeve shirt with a bow tie and shorts.

And no outfit is complete without a pair of crazy socks to seal the deal. Regardless of the color combination or outfit your family chooses, the hot pink pineapple socks will add the final touch.

PHOTO: Courtesy H&M