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UPDATE: IKEA Recalls Dressers After 8 Children's Deaths

If consumers aren’t going to anchor them, IKEA isn’t going to sell them.
PUBLISHED ON 11/30/2017

After the eighth child died as a result of a dresser tipping over, IKEA is, once again, recalling MALM chests in both adult and children’s sizes.

The recalled chests and dressers, available in three-, four-, five- and six-drawer configurations, are unstable if not properly anchored to the wall, posing a tip-over and entrapment hazard. Following two separate toddler deaths and additional injury reports from MALM tip-overs in 2015, IKEA began offering free wall anchoring kits and instructions. Additionally, the store teamed up with the CPSC to raise awareness about the safety practice, noting unsecured TVs and large pieces of furniture kill a child every two weeks, and send a child to the hospital as frequently as every 24 minutes.

A 2016 fatality prompted IKEA to go a step further, announcing they would discontinue the chests altogether, although none of the MALM dressers responsible were anchored to walls. While you can still buy newer MALM chests at IKEA, all of the versions in today's recall are 2016 models.

See the list of affected dressers below. If you own one, visit any IKEA location or go to to receive a full refund or free wall-anchoring kit.

MALM 3 : Sold from 10/2002 to 6/2016
Size: 31½” x 18⅞” x 30¾”

MALM 4 : Sold from 6/2002 to 6/2016
Size: 31½” x 18⅞” x 39½”

MALM 5 : Sold from 10/2002 to 4/2006
Size: 157/8” x 19” x 481/4"

MALM 6 : Sold from 6/2002 to 6/2016
Size: 31½” x 18⅞” x 48⅜”

MALM 6 LONG : Sold from 11/2002 to 6/2016
Size: 63” x 18⅞” x 30¾”

MALM 6 : Sold from 4/2006 to 6/2016
Size: 153/4” x 191/8” x 483/8"