Jamie Otis Shuts Down Troll Who Shamed Her for Potty Training Tactics

A fan was quick to criticize, and Otis wasn’t having it.
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By Laurie Ulster, Contributing Writer
Published September 5, 2019
jamie otis with her husband and daughter at the beach
Image: Jamie Otis via Instagram

Married at First Sight star Jamie Otis shares about her life with husband Doug Hehner and adorable 2-year-old Henley Grace with her Instagram fans without hesitation. She’s been posting for the last few months about potty training—but when someone decided to judge her for her methods, she was quick to shut it down.

Potty training is far from easy, something Otis knows all too well. She’s tried a bunch of things: pull-ups, leaving her daughter naked, trying “big girl underwear,” keeping a portable potty nearby and asking people for their best tips.

But instead of offering up helpful advice, one of her followers decided to criticize Otis for doing the whole thing wrong. “Seriously?” the commenter wrote. “Pull ups? Peeing all over the house. Who does that? Potty-trained three kids—potty available in the playroom and bathroom. Where is the training if she’s peeing all over?”

Instead of spouting back in kind, Otis responded with her usual enthusiasm, even offering kudos for a parent who’d already done the job. “She doesn’t pee all over the house,” she wrote, posting both the original comment and her reply in an Instagram story. “It’s for when she dribbles before she gets to the potty #stopmommyshaming. Awesome! You potty-trained three! This is my first and I’m not saying I’m a pro or anything. Do you, sis!”

Otis has been working on toilet training since April, and like so many of us, had to take a break and then pick it up again. “Potty training has begun! (again),” she tweeted. “Hangin’ out in our big girl undies and chasing the potty with ever pee pee. If you have any advice I’ll take it, because last time I failed at this.” (We feel you, mama.)

People have posted a range of advice on her Instagram, from suggesting strict schedules to offering candy and sticker rewards. More than one follower chimed in with what most parents find out sooner or later: “‘They will be ready when they are ready’ is literally the best advice.” Need a few more tips for your own potty training journey? Check out these dos and don’ts.

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