Best Potty Training Seats, Tested by Parents With Potty-Training Tots

With help from these parent-approved training potty seats and chairs, your big kid will say bye-bye to diapers in no time.
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Updated January 29, 2024
mother helping toddler use potty seat for potty training
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In a nutshell:
Based on expert interviews, reviews from real parents and survey feedback from over 300 members of The Bump community, we chose Nuby’s My Real Potty Training Toilet as the overall best as it looks like a real toilet, is easy to clean and has a handy wipe holder.

If you’re over diapers and your child is showing signs that they’re ready to transition out of them, there’s no time like the present to kick off your potty training journey. While all you really need is patience and a plan, a training potty that makes your kiddo feel comfortable and confident can help set them up for success. While this may seem like a straightforward purchase, you’ll need to choose between a training seat that attaches to your toilet or a freestanding potty chair. “Ultimately, when deciding between a potty training chair or seat, it comes down to what works best for you and your child,” says Mona Amin, MD, a pediatrician and podcaster based in Miami, Florida.

Keep reading for everything you need to know to choose the best potty training seats and chairs for your child, and our top picks for the best training toilets available on the market today—including this year’s Best of The Bump winner.

How We Tested the Training Potties

Image: Rhea S., Brooke E., Sasha W.

For more than 10 years, The Bump has acknowledged the best baby products on the market through our award series. To help you find the best potty training seats on the market today, The Bump editors did extensive research to identify the most popular, effective and easy to clean options out there. Then, with the help of real parents, we put them to the test. Here’s how we did it:

  • We interviewed a board-certified pediatrician and got the lowdown on must-have features as well as potty-training tips for parents.

  • We consulted guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on how to choose the best potty for your child.

  • In May 2023 we surveyed 300 members of The Bump community. We asked this sample of new parents to rate the potty training seats and toilets they’ve used with their own kids and to comment on their overall experience. We evaluated this data and used it to inform our product choices.

  • We enlisted the help of real parents of potty-training toddlers. They used these training potties in their homes; as their children sat and subjected these potties to truly unforgiving tests, our parent product testers carefully evaluated each training potty for ease of cleaning, ease of use (for parent and child alike), effectiveness, style and design and value for money.

Pairing this rigorous testing protocol with our own expertise and insights, we bestowed the prestigious Best of The Bump award to the overall best training potty. And then we went one step further, using the testing results to identify other standout options that are particularly good for your specific needs, whether you’re looking for a folding option to take on the road or a potty that encourages your child in the voice of a popular character.

Interested in learning more about our editorial process? Read about how The Bump develops and reviews all articles, including product reviews.

Best Training Potties to Shop

Overall best training potty

Nuby My Real Potty Training Toilet
Image: Nuby
What We Love
  • Looks like a real toilet
  • Flushing sounds
  • Tank fits full-sized wet wipes
Things To Consider
  • Some users warn that boys, standing to pee, can get urine inside the hollow base

Ask a parent—any parent—and you’ll find out pretty quickly that there’s no road to potty training that’s 100 percent smooth. That said, our product tester’s rave reviews of the Nuby My Real Potty Training Toilet suggest this product can certainly help pave the way. This Best of The Bump award winner earned perfect 5 out of 5 scores across the board, from ease of use to effectiveness, ease of cleaning, style, design and value for money. (See all of this year’s Best of The Bump winners.) But what makes this toddler toilet particularly special is its uncanny resemblance to the classic porcelain potties grownups use to do their business. And what pint-sized tyke doesn’t want to emulate the adults in their house?

“When choosing a seat for potty training, I knew I wanted something realistic,” our product tester told us. “Something that was his size so he’d feel comfortable and included. It’s helped him know what to use when he needs to go.” The Nuby training toilet even comes with a handle kids can flush for realistic sound effects, and a built-in compartment for wipes. And since you never know when you’ll need the integrated splash guard, it’s a good thing this model comes with one.

Our tester also deemed the My Real Potty Training Toilet sturdy despite its lightweight design. The anti-skid rubber base prevents the disaster that could ensue from a sloshy potty sliding across the bathroom floor. In fact, she had only accolades to share after her son took this potty chair for a test drive: She went so far as to call it “perfect” and “fun”—two words that are rarely associated with potty training, if we’re being honest!

Type: Potty chair | Dimensions: 12" (L) x 18" (W) x 10" (H) | Weight: 3.8 lbs.

Our product tester says:
“I wanted my son to have his own toilet and this is just perfect. He lit up when he heard the flushing sound!”

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Best potty training seat

BabyBjorn Toilet Training Seat
Image: BabyBjorn
What We Love
  • Dial adjusts seat to fit your toilet
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Hanging hook for easy storage
Things To Consider
  • No handle
  • Some reviewers say the splash guard is lower than expected

Is your bathroom already overrun by bath toys or do you prefer to keep your restrooms free of pint-sized paraphernalia? You’re in luck! This minimalist potty training seat can help you teach your toddler to poop and pee in the real potty without affecting your aesthetic. The BabyBjorn Toilet Training Seat features a simple white plastic design—no bright primary colors here. “It’s the perfect size for [my daughter] but looks and feels like a regular toilet seat,” noted our tester, who awarded the seat 5 out of 5 scores for both effectiveness, style and design.

The seat weighs in at under 1 pound, so kids can position the seat with utmost independence—a good way to teach pride in potty autonomy. And although a hidden, adjustable dial ensures it rests seamlessly atop any toilet seat, with a non-slip grip to prevent littles from going whoopsie-daisy, the seat pops off easily so it’s not inconvenient to other members of the household. “It was very easy to set up and use at different homes when there was the need,” our product tester said, giving it a 5 out of 5 for ease of use for herself and her daughter. “The BabyBjorn Toilet Training Seat really helped my daughter in potty training. She needed a ‘big girl seat’ without the big hole to fall through”—and this fan favorite fit the bill.

Type: Training seat | Dimensions: 11.5" (L) x 14" (W) x 3.5" (H) | Weight: 14 oz.

Our product tester says:
“It’s very well made, and worth the money.”

Our community says:

“I liked the ease of use, portability, style and ease of cleaning.” -Julia*, mom and The Bump survey respondent

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Best potty training chair

Fisher-Price Learn to Flush Potty
Image: Amazon
Buying Options
What We Love
  • Flush with lights, sounds and phrases
  • Removable potty ring for use on a regular toilet seat
  • Handles help toddlers feel secure
Things To Consider
  • Requires three AAA batteries

If your kiddo needs a little extra push to entice them to potty train, the Fisher-Price Learn to Flush Potty is worth its weight in wipes. While it resembles a real stand-alone toilet, this model ​​delivers all the entertainment when you flush, from rewarding musical ditties to lights and realistic swirling sounds. With a height that makes it easy for your toddler to independently plop and poop, and handles on each side to make them feel extra secure, this teeny-weeny potty promotes independence. Better yet, it supports them throughout their toilet-training journey with a transitional potty ring that can be used on a regular toilet seat when the time comes to move on to bigger and better.

Until then, the size is ideal for teeny tushies, our tester reports—and, importantly, it’s easy to clean. “I can easily dump the contents and then give it a good wipe down and everything is as good as new,” she said, giving the Learn to Flush Potty 5 out of 5 scores for ease of cleaning and ease of use. And while it’s a chair, not a seat, our tester was able to take it on the road without complaint. “It was so easy to tote with us everywhere,” she shared. “We even brought it with us in the car.” But the best part was how it sparked her daughter’s enthusiasm for potty training. “My toddler loves this toilet! She easily sits on it herself and is able to flush and feel so excited when she is successful.” Your future will be free of diapers in no time.

Type: Potty chair | Dimensions: 8.8" (L) x 15.1" (W) x 12.6" (H) | Weight: 4.4 lbs.

Our product tester says:
“I love how it looks like a traditional toilet with a few fun touches to make it child-friendly! I wouldn't change a thing.”

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Best portable potty training seat

OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty
Image: Oxo
What We Love
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Legs lock for use on toilets
  • Comes with plastic bag liners for easy clean up
Things To Consider
  • The stark white design doesn’t exactly excite resistant toddlers

As potty-training parents know best, when a kid’s gotta go, they’ve gotta go. It’s why the OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty earned top marks from our tester across multiple categories. The collapsible, easy-open potty seat is designed for standalone use anywhere thanks to disposable bags with absorbent liners that cover the seat for easy cleaning—no basin scrubbing required. The legs can be locked at a 90-degree angle for use as a standalone potty chair, folded out flat for use as a standard potty seat or folded in for compact storage. “I love that it can just go on top of a regular toilet seat for kids like mine that have older siblings and want to be cool like them and use the real potty,” our tester shared. Measuring 11 inches long and just above 1 pound, the whole thing collapses for compact storage, whether you’re tossing it in your car, your diaper bag or the bottom of your stroller.

While our tester used this potty to train her 2-year-old, she deemed it so sturdy that she kept it in her car for her 4-year-old to use in case of emergencies. “It’s really stable and good quality, not just cheap flimsy plastic.” She also liked its non-slip bottom, because let's face it—potty training is tough enough without the risk of slipping and sliding.

Type: Travel potty | Dimensions: 11" (L) x 11" (W) x 2.5" (H) | Weight: 1.2 lbs.

Our product tester says:
“So easy to move this from room to room and bring on the go since it’s able to fold down flat. Literally great for any scenario!”

Our community says:

“Very affordable, easy to travel with and comes with a travel bag. /[It’s] great if you don't want to install something.” -Alexandra, mom and The Bump survey respondent

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Best potty training toilet

Summer by Ingenuity My Size Potty Pro Toddler Chair
Image: Target
What We Love
  • Low to the ground for independent use
  • Rear storage compartment holds wipes
  • Transitions to potty seat
Things To Consider
  • Some users say the seat comes off too easily

There isn’t one single reason why testers nominated the Summer Infant My Size Potty as the best potty training toilet—there are several. We’ll start with easy assembly, a quality that earned the My Size Potty 5 out of 5 for mom’s ease of use: “Putting the potty together was super easy and the directions were clear and precise. I believe it took me less than 5 minutes to set it all up—definitely a win,” shared our tester, who couldn’t get over the convenience of the potty’s petite footprint: “I love the simplicity of the seat Summer Infant My Size Pro Potty and how compact it is.”

Designed to resemble a realistic toilet, just toddler-sized, this potty chair features a chrome-style flusher with realistic sound effects to emulate the real deal, to the delight of the toddler who tested it. “My daughter loved that she could ‘flush’ the toilet and how real it sounded,” our tester shared.

While most stand-alone potties call for a bit of elbow grease between uses, a perk for parents is that the bowl on this pick can be removed for efficient cleaning—another area where this potty received a 5 out of 5 score. “It’s super easy to take the seat off to grab the bowl and discard the urine, and then easy to put the bowl and seat back on,” our tester reported. The potty seat even pops out of the chair for placement over the real toilet, which can help you transition your child to the big leagues without purchasing an additional accessory. This might contribute to the potty’s 5 out of 5 score for value: It's like getting both a chair and a seat in one package! At the end of the day, though, our product tester’s main reason for loving this toddler toilet was pretty simple: “It helped with her potty training process—and I think that’s priceless.”

Type: Potty chair | Dimensions: 10.3" (L) x 15" (W) x 13.8" (H) | Weight: 2.2 lbs.

Our product tester says:
“Our daughter loves that she can get on and off herself and ‘flush’ the toilet.”

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Best foldable potty seat

Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty Seat
Image: Target
What We Love
  • Affordable
  • Compact, foldable design
  • Suction cups stick to any toilet seat
Things To Consider
  • No splash guard could mean spills

Although most parents will tell you that nothing about potty training is particularly convenient, the Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty Seat just might be the exception: This take-along seat folds nearly flat into a convenient travel bag that can be tossed into a diaper bag or purse. “All you have to do is unfold, secure it on the toilet and you’re good to go,” explains our tester, who had no worries about her child falling off or into the pot thanks to the seat’s eight suction cups. It could almost go without saying that she gave this innovative product 5 out of 5 scores for ease of use and style and design.

While you’ll have to wash it on occasion, our tester swears there are no hard-to-reach places—in fact, a simple wipe-down or sink rinse will do. She preferred this to emptying a basin after each use, going so far as to deem it “extremely convenient.” Best of all, her daughter was an even bigger fan. “It’s the perfect fit for her and it’s her favorite because now she feels like a big girl,” our tester reported.

Another awesome quality is the item’s color options: With three choices, there’s no way to go wrong. “I absolutely love the color,” our tester said of the gray she used in her home. Neutrals for the win! (Although if you like pastels, it comes in aqua and pink too.)

Type: Training seat | Dimensions: 6.6" (L) x 9.6" (W) x 2.5" (H) | Weight: 12 oz.

Our product tester says:
“I honestly want to buy more for my other babies!”

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Best training potty for reluctant kids

Tomy The First Years Disney Minnie Mouse Potty & Trainer Seat
Image: Target
What We Love
  • Flushing sound and encouraging cheers
  • Comes with stickers and a reward chart
  • Detachable training ring for a real toilet
Things To Consider
  • Lid doesn’t lift
  • Reviewers say their kids can easily remove the chair’s ears

This Minnie Mouse-themed potty training toilet’s sweet design features the character’s iconic ears to encourage hesitant potty-trainers to step right up. This was a huge help to our product tester, whose son had been reluctant to start on potty training with other products. “He pooped on this potty twice already so far, whereas he wouldn't on our other potty,” she told us. “He loves the interactive features; the flushing sound and the cheering sounds make him laugh, and he gives us the proudest smiles after each use.” Small wonder she gave the Minnie Mouse potty 5 out of 5 scores for ease of use and effectiveness!

Other notable features that our tester appreciated include a removable basin that’s easy to refresh between uses; a contoured seat replete with a splash guard that can be removed for use on a real potty; and even a reward chart to help your kiddo track their progress. The chair comes with a sticker your child can use to decorate their potty—think of it as an initial way for tots to mark their territory. And while admittedly bulkier than a potty seat, this trainer’s lightweight build means it transports easily from room to room. “We move it from our living room, to downstairs bathroom and even to our deck,” reported our tester.

If your child isn’t a fan of Minnie, opt for the Mickey Mouse version. But no matter which character you go with, our tester swears, “the bright colors and fun noises are what encouraged my son to finally get into the habit of using the potty,” she told us. “This potty truly facilitated this huge milestone for my son.”

Type: Potty chair | Dimensions: 9.3" (L) x 13.5" (W) x 15.5" (H) | Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Our product tester says:
“My son immediately recognized Minnie’s ears on his potty chair and got very excited about using it.”

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Best built-in potty training seat

Bemis NextStep2 Children's Potty Training Toilet Seat
Image: Home Depot
What We Love
  • Built-in potty training seat
  • Soft-close lid
  • Integrated design eliminates bathroom clutter
Things To Consider
  • Assembly is more involved than placing a training seat on a toilet
  • More expensive than alternatives

Some parents would like to avoid the hassle of emptying a stand-alone toilet, or transferring a training seat on and off their home’s primary toilet every time their kid has to go—and who can blame them? If this sounds like you, consider installing this two-in-one toilet-training contraption: With two seats under one lid—one normal-sized enameled wood ring for grownups and one smaller plastic ring for kids—there’s no wrangling a pint-sized potty cover on and off the toilet or wondering whether your kid will get too attached to their special training chair to use other toilets. A soft-close feature means no scary slams or finger pinches and say goodbye to emptying out little buckets of waste!

The design is subtle as can be, with biscuit, bone and white colorway options, and this sleek seat comes with magnets to keep the kiddie seat upright when not in use. Or, it can always be removed for an extra-deep clean. (If only all our kid stuff was so unobtrusive!)

Of course, the prospect of installing a permanent fixture might be intimidating, but don't let it scare you—our tester gave the NextStep2 5 out of 5 marks for ease of use (for her and her son). She reassured us that this seat is “easy to install on the toilet” and worth the (minimal) effort, since her son “loved being able to just put the seat down and go.” She also praised its stability compared to more mobile alternatives. “Using a portable seat can be a struggle, since they don’t often fit the seat and can shift around [on the toilet],” she noted. But with the Bemis NextStep2 Children's Potty Training Toilet Seat, you never have to worry about setup; just attach it and you're good to go from there on out.

Type: Toilet seat | Dimensions: 14.4" (L) x 17" (W) x 2.2" (H) | Weight: 7.9 lbs.

Our product tester says:
“I love that it’s functional for the whole family and gives your kid the opportunity to use the bathroom on their own.”

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Best affordable potty training seat

Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat
Image: Munchkin
What We Love
  • Wipe clean surface
  • Handles on either side
  • Splash guard
Things To Consider
  • High splash guard can make it difficult for some kids to dismount
  • No features to entice reluctant potty trainers

While potty training can be complicated, the truth is that you really don’t have to have any bells or whistles to get the job done—just a seat that makes your kid feel secure enough to sit on. The Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat takes a bare-bones approach, offering only the essentials: a contoured, tot-sized seat with a splash guard, non-slip edging to prevent slips and slides, and built-in handles, which our tester notes are “nice as a place to hold onto without having to touch the toilet.”

Of course, keeping things simple has its benefits: With a price point under $12, this seat is affordable enough that you can buy more than one for multiple bathrooms. But thanks to its lightweight design and portability, you might not have to. “We used the seat in one bathroom, but it would be easy enough to move it bathroom to bathroom or pack it if we were going on a trip,” our tester reported. And for those with small bathrooms or little tolerance for clutter, the seat has “feet” so it can stand up on its own alongside any toilet—no leaning or hanging hook required.

When it comes down to it, a simple potty is rarely a difficult-to-use potty; our product tester gave this budget-friendly choice 5 out of 5 scores for ease of use (for both parent and child), effectiveness, ease of cleaning and—of course—value for money, telling us, “I like the simplicity … you just set it on the seat and your child sits directly on the potty. It's easy to clean, simple to use and serves its purpose.”

Type: Training seat | Dimensions: 13.3" (L) x 13.4" (W) x 4.1 in | Weight: 15.9 oz.

Our product tester says:
“My daughter likes to use it, and anything that draws her to use the potty is a huge bonus for us!”

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Best multi-use training potty chair

Kolcraft Sesame Street Elmo Hooray! 3-in-1 Potty
Image: Target
What We Love
  • Child-friendly theme
  • Converts to a step stool that holds up to 200 lbs.
  • Seat with splash guard can be used on real toilet
Things To Consider
  • Tester wished for a travel bag
  • Bold design

If the only thing this potty chair had going for it was the face of Elmo, it would have been enough to attract fun-sized fans. But it gets better: The Kolcraft Sesame Street Elmo Hooray! 3-in-1 Potty also offers a pretend flusher that plays encouraging phrases with Elmo’s distinct voice. So if your child is a Sesame Street fan, this is sure to be a hit. “My child would dance every time she flushed the toilet and would say ‘wash hands,’” our product tester reported.

For parents, there’s a 3-in-1 functionality that helps transition toilet trainers to the actual throne: Simply remove the seat—which is thoughtfully equipped with convenient handles—to place on top of a full-size porcelain potty, or lower its lid to repurpose the base as a step stool to help tiny toilet users rise to the occasion and/or reach the sink to wash their hands. “My toddler has fun just playing with it!” reported our tester.

If you're worried that this attraction might prohibit potty use elsewhere or while on the road, our tester confirms the entire potty fits in a stroller storage basket and is light enough for a toddler to tote from room to room on their own—for better or for worse, since you’ll still have to empty the waste cup between uses. Luckily, our tester reports no problems in this department. “I pour the contents into the adult potty, and then rinse with hot water and soap in the sink,” she shared, giving the Kolkcraft 5 out of 5 for ease of cleaning. “It’s very streamlined and very easy to use and clean.”

Children who prefer Cookie Monster—and look, that’s fair, he's delightful—might opt for this alternative edition. But no matter which character you choose, “the price is definitely fair for the product, since you don't have to buy a step stool or an attachment for an adult potty,” our tester said, giving it a 5 out of 5 score for value for money. “This is the only toddler potty you will need, since it can do everything. Such a great product.”

Type: Potty chair | Dimensions: 13.5" (L) x 13.3" (W) x 17.5" (H) | Weight: 3.4 lbs.

Our product tester says:
“Did my toddler like it and find it appealing? 1,000 percent yes she did!”

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*Note: Some names have been changed due to privacy requests.

Potty Training Seats vs. Potty Training Chairs

A typical toilet seat is both too high and large for teeny tushies, so you’ll want to jump start potty training with one of two tools: A training potty chair or a potty training seat.

For kids under 3, the potty chair is ideal. This tyke-sized toilet sits on the floor making it easy for your little one to use it independently. Most will have an inner basin that you can easily remove and empty. It may also include a splash guard in the front to block any rogue streams from reaching your bathroom floor. While cute and easily accessible, potty chairs have one obvious downside: Because they don’t flush like regular toilets, they require manual cleaning after every use.

You can avoid that icky step when you opt for a potty training seat, as this option sits directly on top of your toilet. There is, however, one drawback: The littlest of potty-trainers will likely need a step stool to get onto the toilet.

It should come as no surprise that many parents wind up with both a potty chair and potty training seat: Your child may begin on the potty chair when they’re very young, then graduate to an on-the-toilet potty training seat as they grow bigger. That said, there’s no wrong way to start the potty-training process.

What to Look for in a Potty Training Seat or Chair

Not sure where to start when it comes to picking out the best potty seat or chair for your tot? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Below, find features to look for, plus expert-backed tips to streamline your decision-making process.

  • Accessibility. When using a potty chair, be sure your child can confidently sit down and get up from the seat by themselves. Portable options can be placed wherever is most convenient for your tot—some little ones may even like to keep theirs in the living room or playroom for easy access when nature calls, says Amin. On the other hand, if your toddler is using a potty training seat, Amin advises parents to provide a stool or steps for them. “This is key for safety and comfort to stabilize their feet and bring their knees up,” she adds.

  • Sturdiness. The best toddler toilets are those that have rubber bases to prevent slipping during use, says Amin. Look for a potty training chair or seat that has an anti-slip stand to keep your kiddo secure.

  • Comfort. If your child doesn’t like sitting on their training potty, consider opting for a model that has armrests and a high back, recommends Amin. These elements make the seat more comfortable for your little one, encouraging them to stay on the toilet until they’re finished with their business. Ergonomic designs that are contoured also offer comfy, secure solutions.

  • Size. Another aspect to consider is size. While some tots find the small design of potty chairs less intimidating, others may prefer a potty training seat because they want to be like a grown-up, adds Amin. All in all, the best training potty for your little learner varies based on their unique needs and preferences.

  • Preference. Inviting your potty trainer to pick out their own potty chair or seat can help foster a sense of ownership that promotes interest in potty use, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • Easy-to-clean features. Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that the potty chair or training seat you choose is easy to clean. Amin recommends picking an option with a smooth plastic surface. Likewise, a splash guard is an important feature to prevent spills and messes.

About the writer:

Elizabeth Narins is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer who has previously held staff positions at Women’s Health and Cosmo. A mother of two, she delivered her first child in March 2020, when unexpected pandemic store closures and supply chain issues taught her the value of being prepared.

Interested in becoming a product tester for The Bump? Head here to apply.


Mona Amin, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician based in Florida. She’s also the host of the PedsDocTalk podcast. She received her medical degree from ATSU School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona, and completed her pediatric residency at the Bernard and Millie Duker Children’s Hospital in Albany, New York.

Healthy Children (AAP), Choosing a Potty, November 2009

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