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10 Best Potties

Getting ready to potty train? These mini porcelain thrones will make the transition easier for your little one.

Best Space-Saving Potty

If your bathroom lacks space, then you need a tiny place for your tot to sit. The 9-inch-by-12-inch Graco Soft Transitions 3-in-1 potty trainer slides into any corner, leaving room for everything else you stash in your bathroom. $35, BedBathandBeyond.com


Most Stylish Potty

Your toddler’s toilet doesn’t have to clash with the decor. The BabyBjorn potty chair’s six color options work with any bathroom. Plus, the backrest and armrests keep your little one comfy during long bathroom stints. $30, RightStart.com


Best Big Kid Potty

Your little one will feel all grown up using this adorable adult-like toilet. The My Size Potty features a flushing sound that will bring on the giggles, while a built-in wipe dispenser makes practicing good hygiene easy. A removable bowl and splash guard for boys makes this trainer super easy to clean. $35, SummerInfant.com.


Most Encouraging Potty

It might seem weird to have a toilet that talks to you, but if you’re desperate to make potty training into a fun experience, check out the Safety 1st Smart Rewards potty. Its smart sensors activate greetings when your child sits, talk her through the steps and applaud her on a job well done (yes, really!). $28, ToysRUs.com


Best Odor-Eating Potty

Powered by odor-eliminating baking soda, the Arm & Hammer 3-in-1 potty seat from Munchkin was designed to help prevent your child from, um, stinking up the bathroom during potty training. Each toilet also comes with a built-in wipe dispenser, making cleanup a lot easier. $27, Target.com


Best Potty for Storage

This one’s for you ultra-organized mamas. The Potty Bench from Boon Inc. has easy-sliding side drawers for storing toilet paper, wipes and potty-training books. $50, BoonInc.com


Best Travel Potty

You can’t stay home forever! Don’t let a vacation stop the potty training. The Potette Plus portable potty and trainer seat unfolds into a sturdy and safe toddler toilet, and the disposable liners make cleaning up on-the-go way less disgusting. $17, Diapers.com


Best Undercover Potty

At first glance, it looks like a mini suitcase or lunch box, but the My Carry Potty is the perfect portable toilet. Lightweight, leakproof and bag-free, this is a nifty potty to have on hand when there isn’t a bathroom nearby. Stash it in the backseat for road trips. $25, Target.com


Best Way to Transition to the Toilet

Your child will feel like a big boy if you let him use an adult toilet (in fact, he might insist!). The Mommy's Helper Flip 'N Flush potty seat attaches to any toilet, and easily flips up for adults and down for the little guy. $10, ToysRUs.com


Most Comfortable Toilet Seat

The Soft Potty seat from Ginsey keeps your child comfy when he goes on the big toilet (and you can bring it to Grandma’s house!). And with an array of patterns to choose from, he may actually enjoy it. $14, Diapers.com