Katie Couric Gives Free Formula to Over 100 Moms With Breast Cancer

The iconic reporter and breast cancer survivor teamed up with Bobbie and Breasties to surprise 111 mothers with a year’s supply of free baby formula.
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November 30, 2022
Katie Couric on the Today Show on Monday, October 3, 2022
Image: Nathan Congleton/NBC | Getty Images

After being diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, iconic journalist Katie Couric has taken it upon herself to make things a little easier for mothers fighting back against the disease.

In partnership with organic baby formula company Bobbie and its nonprofit organization The Breasties, Couric surprised 111 new moms impacted by breast cancer with free formula for a year. “I think they were just a remarkable group of women,” Couric told People in an interview. “Having children is stressful enough and is a big adjustment and very hard on your body as it is, but [even more difficult] in their situations dealing with cancer diagnoses.”

As of January 2022, more than 3.8 million US women are currently being treated for breast cancer or have finished treatment. For many of these women who have chosen to become mothers, breastfeeding isn’t an option, whether it is because of a current treatment or a mastectomy.

While the government subsidizes pumps and breastfeeding care, baby formula is often not funded for breast cancer survivors, as access is based on the baby’s physical needs and doesn’t consider the parent’s physical limitations. This can leave many breast cancer survivors and previvors in a lurch.

“All of the new mothers we sponsored at least had mastectomies,” Bobbie CEO Laura Modi told People. "We did have two people who had a surrogate, and we also sponsored them.” The more than $25,000 in free formula is designed to ease the burden on these mothers as they navigate their breast cancer treatment. “The peace of mind that you will now have the formula and food you need for your babies might be one of our greatest honors,” Modi shared during a Zoom call revealing this year’s formula recipients.

“Being selected as a part of the Bobbie Breasties program is one of those ‘worst club, best members’ moments, where I can’t believe I’m fortunate enough to have this level of support amidst such a challenging experience," one of the moms, Berenice Lopez Leal said.

If you want to help support the “best members in the worst club,” Breasties, Bobbie and Couric encourage you to sign their latest petition pushing for federal action and free formula for mothers undergoing cancer treatment. You can read more about the push to cover these costs, and the life-changing work Breasties does here.

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