What Over 70 Percent of Millennial Moms Aren’t Telling You

A new poll shows that millennial moms are hesitant to share the stress of motherhood with their families.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Assistant Editor
Published May 26, 2022
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An innate part of motherhood is feeling like you need to shield your family from hard times and difficult situations. However, sometimes these feelings can prevent you from reaching out for the support you need.

A new poll of millennial moms reveals that 73 percent hide their stress from their families. The survey conducted by OnePoll of 2,028 American mothers found that while 1 in 3 moms report feeling stressed at least five days a week, 67 percent feel like a burden when they reach out to their family to share their feelings. Another reason moms hold back? Forty-six percent of moms said they hide their feelings because telling someone else would make them feel like a failure.

With all the tasks that moms have to tackle, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. When asked about help around the house, 88 percent of moms polled said they would need at least four clones of themselves to get it all done. Between housekeeping, homework help, cooking and pick up and drop off, it’s easy to see why 76 percent of moms report feeling burnt out.

But there’s hope. Sixty-three percent of moms surveyed said they had reached out for mental health care sometime in the past or present. The government is also working to make maternal mental health a priority. The White House just launched a new Maternal Mental Health Hotline, and the Health Resources and Services Administration has provided funding in seven states to support a Screening and Treatment for Maternal Depression Program.

You have to care for yourself in order to take care of your family. While it can be hard to take time for self-care, start small by carving out just five or 10 minutes of your day for yourself. Or check out these 21 easy ways to relax and recharge and commit to at least one.

If you’re struggling, reach out to family or friends for help or call the Maternal Mental Health Hotline at 1-833-943-5746 to speak with a trained counselor.

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