HGTV Host Opens Up: Exclusively Breastfeeding Is “Not in the Cards for Us”

New mom Mina Starsiak shares how she feeds her newborn the way that is best for baby and herself.
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September 6, 2018
mina starsiak opens up about not being able to breastfeed her baby
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Many new moms know exactly how they want to raise their baby before he even makes his debut to the world. And more often than not, it doesn’t always go according to plan. That’s because motherhood is a constant game of learning and adapting.

New mom Mina Starsiak learned this lesson pretty fast. The HGTV host of Good Bones recently shared a picture of herself using a breast pump to feed her 3-week-old son, Jack.

In the caption, the mom shares although she intended on exclusively breastfeeding directly, that’s not how things are playing out. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

“There are so many ways I’m figuring out to take care of your babe the best way you can for yourself and them, and although I wanted to exclusively breastfeed directly, that’s not in the cards for us. So, this is how we roll.”

The way a mother feeds her baby is a heavily debated topic, and ultimately, it comes down to what is best for mom and baby. In the end, all that matters is baby is fed.

Starsiak was sure to touch on this in her post, reminding other moms to not be so quick to judge each other.

“Moms, be nice to each other too! Having a little one is hard enough without everyone telling you what you’re doing ‘wrong’” she adds.

Her advice is spot on, and totally applicable to all moms. A newborn means lots of demands and changes for women. How one mother raises her child may not work for another mom, and it’s important we all acknowledge this.

The candid post already received more than 18,000 likes and encouraged parents to comment sharing their own stories.

“You’re doing what’s best for you and the baby,” comments one mom. “All three of mine were formula fed because I couldn’t produce enough milk. I did what’s best for my babies. You’re a great mom!”

“Get it, girl! Pump and feed was my life with my son. Keep doing you and being the best mom to your little babe,” another note reads.

One mom’s message says it best: “No explanations, no apologies, no judgments. That’s my dream for all of us moms. Nourishment is nourishment, love is love—for our babies and for ourselves!”

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