Police Officer Adopts Baby After Homeless Woman Sends Plea for Help

The story that brought these two together will melt your heart.
ByStephanie Grassullo
Associate Editor
September 5, 2018
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Image: Mandy Von Stahl

Adoption is a beautiful and rewarding moment for couples. And, many times, it’s a decision discussed at length due to the legal process. But when a woman in need came to one police officer asking for a home for her baby, Jesse Whitten didn’t need to think twice.

California’s Santa Rosa police department recently shared a sweet snapshot of the dad holding his daughter, explaining the story that brought the two together.

“Not long ago, while Ofc. Whitten was working, he met a pregnant woman needing help. She didn’t ask for assistance the way a typical call for service goes, she was looking for a home and a family for her unborn baby,” the post states.

According to CBS San Francisco, Whitten and his wife originally met the homeless woman on the street where the three engaged in a friendly conversation. Months later, the officer received a call from the homeless woman, specifically requesting he and his wife adopt her unborn baby.

“Ofc. Whitten, the proud father of three girls already, opened his heart and his home to this baby,” the Facebook post shares. “And now it’s official! After a moving adoption hearing, she is a part of Ofc. Whitten’s family. Congratulations, Whitten family, and welcome, baby, to the SRPD family!”

The sweet story has attracted a lot of attention online, where many want to offer the Whitten family their best wishes.

“What a beautiful blessing to all involved. This is just the start of a wonderful life together,” reads one comment.

“That is such a heartwarming story…I’m at a loss for words,” says another.

And one note says it best: “Such an amazing story of love and compassion.”

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