This TikTok on the Reality of Self-Care as a Mom Is So Relatable

For many moms, the super self-care dogma is simply unachievable. How are you supposed to take a moment for yourself when every waking minute is spent with your toddler?
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August 11, 2022
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The past few years have seen the reinvention and revitalization of the idea of self-care. It’s practically a movement. Everywhere you look, there’s a friend, family member, influencer or company telling you that the key to bliss lies in taking just a few moments for yourself and practicing some good self-care.

But for many moms, the super self-care dogma is simply unachievable. How are you supposed to take a moment for yourself when every waking minute (even in the bathroom) is spent with your toddler? Amid a sea of preachy social media self-care fanatics, Carla Freeman, a British comedian and mom, recently took to TikTok to show the reality of what self-care often looks like for moms.

Throughout the video, Freeman juxtaposes the well-meaning self-care advice she’s gotten as a mom with what it actually looks like in her life. The video opens with a composed Freeman sharing tip number one, “When you wake up, allow yourself five minutes to just breathe.” Right after the video transitions to her being woken up with a swift smack of her toddler’s hand to her face. Not quite the soothing five minutes you were looking for. The video continues by showing a morning breakfast on the run and a not-so-pampering self-care session, among other motherhood realities.

Since its posting, Freeman’s video has racked up over 358,000 views on TikTok alone, with over 700 comments. “Most relatable content I’ve seen all week, makes me feel so much better,” commented one mom, while another added, “May treat myself tonight with self-care and shave my legs. Exciting!” Dads weren’t to be left out of the action either, one commented, “Agreed. Could you adjust your title a little to include all parents (FYI: I am a single dad of four kids (2-12) and relate to this).”

However self-care looks for you, experts agree it is important to put yourself first every once in a while. While you can technically pour from a half-empty cup, it’s really not recommended. So invest in self-care that works for you and makes you happy. Nevermind the out-of-reach recommendation to take a fancy spa day out; instead, cut up some cucumbers, grab a $5 facemask from the store and enjoy a makeshift spa experience with your little one (or enjoy with a glass of wine once they go to bed). Don’t know where to start? Browse these 21 simple ideas to relax and recharge and find what sparks happiness for you, no judgment necessary.

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