After Losing Her Mom, Blogger Reminds Us to Take More Photos With Our Kids

“Take pictures. One day, pictures may be all they have left.”
ByAshley Edwards Walker
Contributing Writer
July 27, 2018
candid photo of mom holding her baby
Image: Matthew E.

How many times have you scrolled through photos of your family, only to realize you’re in practically none of them? Maybe it’s because you’re always behind the camera, or don’t feel photogenic, or are just plain busy. Whatever the reason, blogger Shainia Harrison is reminding moms that you—and your kids—are going to want those memories one day.

Harrison, a plus-size fashion influencer, was flipping through old family photos after mom passed away. Unfortunately, she realized there were almost no photos of her mom from when Harrison was a young child. As a new mom herself, it struck her that she should be taking more photos with her son.

“One thing I’ve learned after my mother died was the importance of taking pictures,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “I wish I had more of my mom and me. Regrettably, because of my difficult pregnancy, I didn’t document much of that process either. If I could do it all over again!!!”

“Listen, take pictures,” Harrison continued. “Without warning. Take pictures. Without posing. Take pictures. Book photo shoots. Hell I don’t care. Just take pictures, one day pictures may be all they have left. As an adult I find myself looking through the few pictures I do have of my mom. Zooming in on her hands comparing them to mine. Her eyes, her smile. I wish my son had the chance to meet her. For now, all we have are pictures.”

Her note struck a chord, garnering nearly 2,500 likes and loads of comments. And among the “adorable,” “mad cute,” “OMG! Perfect!” affirmations, one follower chose to share her own story. “I agree!” the woman wrote. “I’m really glad I have a lot of photos of my mom, but I wish I had more videos of her talking before her Parkinson’s got so advanced. I’d love to hear her voice again before it became so affected and strange.”

Harrison responded by sharing more about her experience. “Man I felt this so much,” she said. “My mom suffered from a drug addiction, which caused her to look different at certain stages of her life. I wish I had more pictures before the trauma. Picture of how I remembered her as a child.”

Luckily for Harrison’s son, the blogger has a bunch of adorable pictures of her and her baby—and she plans to keep snapping more.

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