These Are the Most Stressful Places to Bring Kids, According to Parents

Good grief! These are the social spots parents worry about the most when kids are in tow.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Associate Editor
Published October 26, 2018
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Your entire world changes when you become a parent. And not the least of which is your social life.

The weekend calendar will soon transform from date nights, dinner parties and happy hours to doctor appointments, first birthday parties and playdates. For many, there’s a struggle to find a happy medium over when to include the kids in a fun outing, and when it may be more hassle-free to leave them home.

In a recent survey, moms and dads weighed in on the most stressful places to bring kids, and the results are pretty interesting. Work came in as the No. 1 most stressful environment to bring their kids, with an overwhelming 80 percent of parents in agreeance. And, according to the stats, mothers find it more stressful than fathers.

Other locales causing parents grief are upscale restaurants, sports bars and adult friends’ birthday parties. Again, mothers found these situations more stressful than fathers. Nail-biting situations for dads, moreso than moms, include the pool, church, arcade, library and beach.

Most Stressful Places to Bring Kids

These are the 10 places parents worry about the most when kids are in tow, according to the results.

  1. Work
  2. Upscale restaurant
  3. Sports bar
  4. Adult friend’s birthday party
  5. Airplane
  6. Dinner party
  7. Child’s birthday party (without an invite)
  8. Wedding
  9. Doctor appointment (not their own)
  10. Nail salon

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The survey also turns the “terrible twos” myth upside down. The majority of parents with adult kids agree ages of 0 to 4 were the most stressful, and 29 percent say age 3 was the most difficult time for them. The brunt of it, however, was the teenage years, according to 30 percent of parents.

As stressful as it can be, the perks of parenting easily outweigh any of the obstacles new parents face. Before you and your partner welcome a new bundle into your life, make sure you prep your relationship for baby’s arrival.

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