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The Stroller Run Is Coming to Your City!

You don't even have to run. Or have a stroller.
PUBLISHED ON 05/08/2018

If you’re being honest with yourself, how many activities have you completely written off now that you have kids? Even when events and venues market themselves as “kid-friendly,” they’re either still filled with patrons shooting you dirty looks, or so kid-friendly they’ve forgotten about the parents. That’s why we’re so excited about the Stroller Run. It has the cool factor of the Color Run and the convenience factor of built-in babysitters. You just have to be willing to make it through a 5K.

The Stroller Run will be making its way through major cities from May through October. The untimed 3.1-mile run is all about being active with your kids and meeting other parents in your community. While it’s not a race, per se, there’s still a place for your competitive side: runners are encouraged to decorate their strollers, which will be judged and awarded with prizes at the end.

If this sort of thing appeals to you but you haven’t made the leap to a jogging stroller, know that you don’t technically need one. You can walk with a carrier, or run alongside your bigger kids—anyone over the age of 5 can walk or run.

After the race comes the after party. Parents can leave their strollers with the Stroller Valet and head over to the Mom Expo for food, drinks and massages. Meanwhile, kids can play in the free Kids Camp, which will be staffed with babysitters from

We’re all about events that empower moms (and dads). If you can break a sweat and bond with baby at the same time, even better.

Photo: Loba Creative
PHOTO: Loba Creative