4 Real-Life Moms Get a Superhero Alter Ego

Because moms can multitask way better than Batman.
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By Anisa Arsenault, Associate Editor
Published April 26, 2018
Superhero mom comic
Image: Viera Boudreau/Summer Infant

What’s your new-parent super power? Maybe you’ve gotten your diaper changing speed down to sub-30 seconds. Maybe your swaddling technique works actual magic. Whatever it is, Summer Infant supports you. And to prove it, they’ve turned four real-life moms into superheroes.

Meet Agent Momitor, Professor Potty, The MotherLoad and AquaMom. Or by day, Steph Herron Rice, Tammy, Patty Osorio and Jasmine Sumlin. These four women from around the country are sharing what motherhood means to them. And in exchange, Summer Infant is sharing what they’d look like as superheroes.

“We believe every mom is a hero,” says Jen Johnson, vice president of brand marketing for Summer Infant. “By portraying real moms as superhero characters, Summer Infant’s goal is to celebrate the strength and beauty of motherhood."

With the help of comic artist Viera Boudreau, four distinct personas came to life.

Steph: Agent Momitor

“The only constant in motherhood is CHANGE. The minute you think you have your routine down, baby goes and grows up bringing a whole lot of change to the dynamic; that’s the biggest constant challenge for me. With every new stage come lots of firsts that make all the running around to catch up with baby oh so worth it."

This superhero’s weapon of choice: Baby Pixel

Tammy: Professor Potty

“The super challenges of motherhood start at birth when you realize nothing is in your control and life as you know will never be the same, but the super rewards are seeing that life is better than you could ever imagine and in letting go of that control you feel a love so much stronger than you thought you were capable of feeling.”

This superhero’s weapon of choice: My Size Potty

Patty: The MotherLoad

“Moms are the real superheroes of the world! Motherhood is one of the best jobs, and also one of the most challenging. It’s crazy how you can love a soul so much before you even meet them. Becoming a mother is a gift that is unimaginable; as I go through this process, I would not trade it for the world.”


This superhero’s weapon of choice: 3Dtote Convenience Stroller

Jasmine: AquaMom

“You hear so many opinions on when motherhood starts, but in my opinion, it starts the moment you officially find out you’re pregnant. I now see the sacrifices mothers make and I’ve gained a greater appreciation for them. As mothers, we have the responsibility of making sure our child is safe inside of us. We can’t just live the life we lived before pregnancy. So pat yourself of the back, mama, because you’re taking on a huge challenge to bring life into this world. We are our children’s pathway to life and we hold a huge responsibility to be the best mother we can be while learning to accept and adjust the mistakes we make along the way.”

This superhero’s weapon of choice: My Bath Seat

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