Travis Kelce Highlights the Unseen Work of Moms in Hilarious Fashion

In a recent podcast episode, the NFL star called out his brother for blaming a recent fashion mishap on his wife without recognizing her mental load as a mom of three under five.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Assistant Editor
Published November 17, 2023
Jason and Travis Kelce pose for a photo during Game 1 of the NLCS between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park on Monday, October 16, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Image: Gabriella Ricciardi/MLB Photos | Getty Images

Moms have a lot going on, and the last thing they should be responsible for is making sure their husband has pants—or at least that is the point Travis Kelce is trying to make. In a recent episode of his podcast New Heights the NFL star (and notably Taylor Swift’s boyfriend) called out his brother, Jason Kelce, for some unrealistic expectations of his wife and co-parent.

The back and forth started when Travis poked fun at Jason’s casual look at the premiere of his Amazon Prime documentary, Kelce. “We had a picture of you on the green carpet — not the red carpet. You really got dressed up,” Travis said sarcastically before showing press photos of Jason wearing a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

“I was gonna have jeans on but Kylie …” Jason started. “Kylie what?” Travis interrupted. “Kylie was running late. I just came straight from football. Kylie was going to bring the jeans. Kylie was late,” Jason said, presumably blaming his “casual” attire on his wife.

But just as quickly as Jason started his blame game, Travis was quick to shut him down in a way only a sibling could, asking, “Why didn’t Jason bring jeans for Jason?”

"Because I was at football. And I needed the jeans for after football. I’m not going to wear jeans all day. That just doesn’t sound fun,” Jason responded, trying to justify his actions before adding, “Alright I’m realizing now, I probably can’t blame Kylie for this. Soooo, yeah, I wore shorts and sandals.”

Laughing, Travis pointed out that Kylie was probably "too busy putting jeans on the three girls,” to pick up another pair for her husband. Kylie and Jason share three daughters under five, including Wyatt Elizabeth, 4, Elliotte Ray, 2, and Bennett Llewellyn, who the couple just welcomed in February 2023.

“Yeah, she was too busy getting the entire family situated with the babysitter and then getting herself ready and making sure her parents are with her,” Jason said, acknowledging the many factors he had overlooked. “I can just see you pulling up,” Travis said imitating Jason, “‘You don’t have my jeans? I’m going to look like an idiot!’” “Gosh,” Jason said. “So true. So true.”

On Instagram, fans were quick to applaud Travis for calling his brother out. “Travis understanding and explaining the mental load is my favorite part of this,” wrote one mom. “Yessss!! Nice callout by Travis, then Jason having a lightbulb moment of the mental load! My guess is, Kylie ain’t putting up with that s—t either. Love this family,” added another.

Let’s hear it for the hard-working moms keeping it all together behind the scenes and the men who refuse to let their hard work go unnoticed!

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