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Babies With Mustaches

No, there’s no premature aging going on here — these babies just like sporting fake (but cute!) mustaches.
Clare B. / The Bump
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Curled Mustache
That ’stache is pretty fancy — it curls up! Submitted by Clare B.
Collin M. / The Bump
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Strike a Pose
This little guy is taking his mustache seriously. Submitted by Collin M.
kimbim01 / The Bump
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Awesome ’Stache
Baby looks cool with his pacifier mustache. Submitted by kimbim01
Depoisdosquinze / The Bump
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Cry Baby
This baby doesn’t seem to be a fan of facial hair. From
Kate / The Bump
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Going Gray?
This little girl is saying, “I can do anything boys can do — and that even means wearing a mustache.” Submitted by Kate
Megan H. / The Bump
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Green ’Stache
Baby’s got an unintentional food mustache. Submitted by Megan H.
asparina / Flickr
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Pen Mustache
Pencil-thin mustache — he looks so debonair. From asparina/Flickr
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