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13 Amazing Newborn Photo Ideas

Looking for ideas for baby's first photo session? Recreate these creative and sentimental newborn shots.
Mid-Yawn Baby

This sweet, candid shot is a beautiful reminder of baby's first (sleepy) weeks.

The Sibling Shot

Don't forget to shoot baby with her big sister or brother. We love that, in this shot, baby's big sister is supporting her — and they're both wide-eyed for the camera!

Baby With a Keepsake

You know all those personalized gifts you're getting? They make meaningful props.

Au Naturale

Forget about all the bells and whistles — sometimes, you don't need them. Something basic, plain and neutral works just as well, if not better!

Blanketed Baby

Who's snug as a bug in a rug? Uh, this baby is! (And looking adorable, to boot.)

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Baby In a Basket
We know you'd never let baby sleep in just any wicker basket, but admit it, baby does look pretty cute here!
Dad and Baby

Have daddy pose with baby in his hands — isn't this shot powerful? Also, we're loving the gorgeous natural light in this photo!

In the Palm of Your Hand

Sometimes it's easy to forget just how small baby is (and was!) — this photographic reminder help you always remember!

Tiny Hands

Get some close-ups of baby's cutest features. We're loving the focus on baby's teeny, tiny fingers here. It's so simple yet classic!

Add Accessories

If baby was born in winter, add some mittens, a hat and maybe even some fake snow to your shoot. For the spring? A pretty floral hair bow. Accessories help set the scene.

Eyecatching Hat
Baby's newborn photo shoot is the perfect opportunity to put him in a ridiculous-yet-adorable outfit. How could you not love this homemade-looking owl hat?!
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Baby's Feet

These little piggies are a sweet way to show off your newest addition!

Mom and Baby

Don't forget to capture some pictures of you and baby, mama! Years (and even months!) from now, you'll be glad you had these sweet shots taken with your quickly changing baby!

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