6 Sweet Alternatives for Your Toddler to Snack on This Valentine’s Day

Not into serving up tons of chocolate-y, sugary treats to your toddler on Valentine's Day? We get it, mama. Even though it's temping to settle for chocolate-y kisses and candy bars, these six tasty alternatives are festive (and come without all that processed sugar). Try 'em out: What's your favorite treat to serve on Valentine's Day?
ByKylie McConville
January 30, 2017
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Heart-y Rice Krispies

Serve 'em for snack time. The naturally sweetened strawberries and peanut butter pack the perfect punch!

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Dipped to Perfection

Okay, they’re not totally nutritious, but something about serving a chocolate-dipped treat makes us feel a little bit better about indulging. Right?

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Toddler-friendly Fondue

Your tot will probably need a hand or two to keep from buring himself, but he’ll love how fun it is to fondue his own snacks! We love it as an after-dinner treat for the whole family.

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Fun Flapjacks

Want to be really silly? Try breakfast for dinner and dessert! Your toddler will get a kick out of the meal-time mixup. Add strawberry (or even banana) hearts for a sweet touch.

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Cupid's Fruitful Arrows

If Cupid’s arrows taste this good, let your toddler take two (or three!).

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Made-for-Me Marshmellows

Maybe they’re not the best option on the table, but these sweet little personalized marshmellows are too adorable to pass up!

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