Q&A: My Nipples Feel Like They’re on Fire. What Could This Be?

My nipples feel like they’re on fire. What could this be?
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March 2, 2017
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Whenever a mom feels nipple pain, it’s always a good idea to have a lactationconsultant or knowledgeable healthcare provider check your positioning andlatch-on technique while the baby is at the breast. Once a proper latch isassured, the most likely cause of this burning feeling on the nipple or breastis thrush. This burning, shooting feeling usually occurs toward the end orimmediately following the feeding. Many moms experience this feeling in thebreast even when they’re not breastfeeding at the time. Most times, this burningfeeling will begin in one breast before it eventually progresses to the other breastas the thrush grows and becomes more problematic. Quick, consistent, andthorough treatment is essential to completely eradicate thrush as it is extremelystubborn and may recur if not treated properly.

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