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Is It Time for Baby's First Haircut?

When can I give my baby her first haircut? Where should we do it?

Well, that depends on your own preferences — and on baby’s head of hair. (Some are bald; others come out with a ‘fro. Some cultures are adamant about shaving newborns’ heads; other parents wait two years or more.) For simplicity’s sake, it may be best to at least wait to grab the shears until baby can hold up that wobbly head. After that, it’s up to you. There often comes a time when it just seems necessary, or when you’ll start imagining baby with a cute little cut. Once you’ve given it the go-ahead, decide whether to save a snip for scrapbooking and make an appointment. You can do it yourself, if you dare, or try out a local kiddie salon. Children’s salons make for fun outings and are often equipped with colorful toys and videos for distraction.

Need advice to keep baby from squirming around? Here, Bumpies share their tips.

“The mirror helps my baby sit still. She is fascinated by her own reflection!” — KTCMama

“My daughter is almost three so sitting still is a serious trick! Usually there is some sort of animation involved like a movie or an app on the tablet.” — Stephanie R.

“My little guy stops whatever he’s doing when he hears music.” — Linzee

“I tell my daughter she has to sit still to be safe like Dora; that usually works.” — Jacklyn

“My son’s lovey, a paci or mommy’s face usually gets him to calm down and sit still, for now!” — DA

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