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Top 10 Apps For Two-Year-Olds

Forget Angry Birds. These educational, imaginative and just plain cool apps are parents’ favorites for entertaining toddlers without the guilt.
Top 10 Apps For Two Year Olds

Forget Angry Birds. These educational, imaginative and just plain cool apps are parents’ favorites for entertaining toddlers without the guilt.

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Shape Builder

One of our mom friends and her son are huge fans of Shape Builder puzzle game. He’s building, discovering shapes and learning new words all at the same time. Putting the puzzles back together gets him using his critical thinking skills — without feeling like work. $1, Play.Google

Disney Junior Appisodes

This app is for those times you just need your toddler to chill out (like on long road trips). Your tot can watch her favorite, age-appropriate shows and you don’t have to worry about her coming across a video she shouldn’t (like on YouTube. Yikes!). Free, iTunes App Store

Tozzle-Toddlers Favorite Puzzle

Here’s another cool app for puzzle lovers! But these aren’t your basic puzzles. Your kid will learn to problem solve, uncover missing numbers, and sound out new words as he solves them. He’ll love to show off all that new knowledge when he’s finished. $2, iTunes App Store

Little Bit Studio Bugs and Buttons

The Little Bit Studio apps have a whole series dedicated to toddlers — more than 18 different apps for teaching kids critical learning skills like counting, sorting and tracking. With the Bugs and Buttons app she’ll play tic-tac-toe with a dragonfly, fling bees at targets, catch fireflies in a jar and even race roaches (yuck!). $3, Amazon App Store

Intro to Math by Montessorium

Looking to sneak in a few early math skills? Your toddler can learn to identify, write and understand numbers 0 through 9 with this app’s interactive and colorful games. The coolest part is that she can learn at her own pace — and even show you what she’s up to! $5, iTunes App Store

Pop Outs' The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Parents rave about this app because it puts an exciting spin on an old classic with interactive pop-ups. No longer is your early reader just following along— she’s helping the story and illustrations come to life! In the process, your toddler will get into reading, follow along with the story and test her knowledge of sights and sounds. $5, Amazon App Store

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This app comes with five educational games for preschoolers. With the help of an adorable, lovable monkey, kids learn all about colors, letters, counting and matching. $3, Play.Google

Miss Spider's Bedtime Stories

The Miss Spider’s Bedtime Stories series is something for you and your toddler to do together — add it to your bedtime routine. It’s got five stories with colorful animations and interactive storylines. You never know — your kid may start begging for bedtime! *$2, iTunes App Store

Angelina Ballerina's New Dance Teacher

Better keep the camera nearby because Angelina may inspire your toddler to put on some adorable song-and-dance routines. With the app, she can paint, read, watch Angelina twirl, perform alongside her and put together puzzles all inspired by Angelina and her new ballet teacher. $3, iTunes App Store


Learning the alphabet becomes its own mini-game that tests your tot’s understanding of the how each letter looks and how it sounds. She’ll even get crash courses on verbs and on cause and effect without realizing it! $3, Play . Google

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