Meet the Tinder for Making New Mom BFFs

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February 27, 2018
Three mom friends sitting outside
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We can all swipe right on the idea of befriending moms you actually want to be around. Whether you’re looking to widen your playgroup circle or find someone to connect with after daycare dropoff, a new app can make that a reality.

It’s called Peanut, and it’s free. The brainchild of Bumble dating app creator Michelle Kennedy and her co-founder, Greg Orlowski, Peanut functions a lot like dating apps: Moms can swipe up to ‘wave’ at a potential friend in their area or swipe down to move to the next candidate. The criteria being assessed? Shared interests and ages of children (should you choose to schedule a playdate and not just a mom date). Plus, users can list their work schedules, which languages they speak and include fun decriptions of themselves: “fashion killa,” “spiritual gangsta” or “mom boss,” for example.

Image: Peanut

“Peanut is designed to give women a network, [and] view motherhood as an adventure in the life of a woman,” reads a press release from the Peanut team. “Every step of Peanut is geared toward making it simple to reach out and connect in a friendly and accessible way.”

It also helps you stay connected; moms can create groups within the app to suggest meetup ideas and send invitations to their friends. Most recently, Peanut added a feature called Pages, which serves as a sort of community board for moms across the app to chat about issues that matter most to them—money, relationships, current events, work/life balance—whether or not they ever meet in person. Like a combination of Slack, Twitter and Quora, a user’s feed will be populated with both content that’s trending and content that’s relevant to their interests.

Image: Peanut

“We’re on a mission to build a community of women, who happen to be mamas,” the app’s description reads. Because motherhood isn’t your whole identity—but it is something to bond over.

Looking for more parenting apps? Here’s a good one for finding kid-friendly destinations.

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