Frustrated Dad Creates Sanity-Saving App to Force His Kid to Stop Ignoring Him

Because every parent of big kids can relate.
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January 16, 2019
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You may think your toddler has a knack for causing trouble, but just wait for when the terrible teens set in. By the time your kids reach this fun-filled age, simply getting them to answer calls and messages will be mission impossible. Obviously, kids don’t know how far their parents’ imaginations will go when they’re AWOL for a few hours.

UK dad Nick Herbert created a solution to this dilemma many know all too well: ReplyASAP. The app essentially freezes kids’ phones until they respond to their parents’ urgent messages.

When Herbert’s son Ben started secondary school, he bought him a phone so they could easily communicate with each other. The phone, however, had just about the opposite effect, Herbert explains on the app’s website. Instead of constant communication, Ben would get caught up in games and social media platforms and ignore missed calls and messages from his dad.

Frustrated with the unintended outcome, the dad came up with the idea for ReplyASAP. In order to use the app, both the sender and receiver must have the platform downloaded on their phone. Once a message is sent through the app, the recipient will receive non-stop alerts until they respond to the note.

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Of course, kids can rebel and delete the app, but if they dare to do so, their parent will get a notification from ReplyASAP. Another super-cool feature, once a message is delivered, you’ll be able to see the current location of your kid on a map.

Being a new parent is tough, but, the truth is, parenting will never be easy. Raising kids through the teenage years is actually one of the most stressful periods for parents, according to this survey. But like all things, you’ll face it head-on and will no doubt come out alive and thriving.

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