15 Best Kids’ Alarm Clocks to Get Kiddos in and Out of Bed on Time

Healthy sleep habits start early. Help your little one anticipate when it’s time for bed and when it’s okay to get up with these best alarm clocks.
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March 9, 2020
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Here’s the cold, hard truth about parenthood: The sleep issues don’t stop once your child is no longer a newborn. The may not wake up every two hours, but older kids often get up too early or wake multiple times a night. If you’re exhausted and looking for a trick to keep your tykes in their beds until after dawn, a kids’ alarm clock can be a great tool. Too tired to research which are the best clocks? We took pity and did it for you. Whether you’re looking for an okay to wake clock for your toddler or a more advanced kids’ alarm clock for your school-age child, read on for the top kids’ alarm clock options out there.

Best Toddler Alarm Clocks

Babies may not understand the concept of sleeping in, but neither do most toddlers. If you have an early riser on your hands, an “okay to wake” clock—a toddler alarm clock that signals, through colors or other cues, when it’s time to sleep and when it’s okay to get up—can make a world of difference. Here are some of our favorite toddler alarm clock picks.

Image: Courtesy Hatch Baby

Hatch Baby Rest

The Hatch Baby Rest is a night light, sound machine and okay to wake clock in one convenient, high-tech gadget. The best part? You can control everything—the color, brightness, sound and volume—from your phone via the corresponding app. It comes with preset sound and color combinations recommended by sleep experts, but can be customized to best fit your child’s needs.

Buy it: $60,

Image: Courtesy My Tot Clock

My Tot Clock My Toddler Clock

This okay to wake clock has five different color settings: Blue for bedtime, yellow for wake time, cyan for nap time, green for playtime and red for timeout. But it does more than signal to your little one when it’s time to sleep and when to play: This toddler alarm clock plays bedtime stories, lullabies, white noise and upbeat songs, and features analog as well as digital clock displays for when your kid is ready to learn how to tell time. It comes with a cute moon and stars faceplate, but you can easily customize it with other changeable options.

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Buy it: $60,

Image: Courtesy Mirari

Mirari OK to Wake! Clock

The Mirari OK to Wake! Clock is a popular toddler alarm clock because it’s simple to use and easy for young children to understand. Ideal for kids who don’t yet know their numbers, it lights up green when it’s okay to wake up and shows little dancing designs on the screen. It also has a nap timer that can be set separately, which is an invaluable feature when dealing with rebellious 3 year olds. The cute, round design looks like a funny little alien, and it comes with both a green and a pink interchangeable face plate so your child can pick their favorite.

Buy it: $21,

Image: Courtesy It's About Time

It’s About Time Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock

Fans of Sesame Street will love this fun toddler alarm clock. There are several design options featuring different character trios, including Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and others. When the stop light on this okay to wake clock glows red it’s bedtime, and when it’s green it’s okay for kids to get up. (There’s also an optional beeping alarm to accompany the green light.) The yellow light can be used as a nightlight or let you little one know bedtime is fast approaching.

Buy it: $45,

Image: Courtesy Zazu Kids

Zazu Kids Pam The Penguin Sleep Trainer and Night Light

At a glance, you might assume this adorable penguin figurine is simply cute decor—but while it is a sweet addition to any kid’s room, it’s also a great okay to wake clock, night light and Bluetooth speaker all in one. It glows red 30 minutes before wake up time to keep kids in bed, and green when it’s okay to get up in the morning. It also offers multiple other color options when used just as a nightlight. You can even pipe in soothing lullabies through the wireless speaker.

Buy it: $50,

Image: Courtesy Little Hippo

LittleHippo Mella

On a scale of one to adorable, LittleHippo’s Mella clock is way up there. This okay to wake clock uses both colors and digital facial expressions to teach your little one when it’s time for bed and time to wake up: 30 minutes before wake up time, the clock will glow yellow; when it’s time to rise, the clock’s digital face smiles widely and glows green. The happy face closes its eyes when it’s time to go to sleep. It also has a digital clock display, a built-in sound machine, a night light with five colors and a nap timer.

Buy it: $50,

Image: Courtesy Sleep Buddy


If you’re looking for a whole sleep training system, opt for the SleepBuddy. The dome-shaped okay to wake clock uses a timed light that turns on when it’s time to sleep and off when it’s okay to wake up. Plus, the system comes with a storybook to help your child understand the concept, as well as an incentive chart and smiley stickers and a parents’ guide to toddler sleep.

Buy it: $40,

Image: Courtesy Gro

Gro Clock Sleep Trainer

The Gro Clock uses images of the sun and stars to tell children whether it’s daytime or nighttime. Unlike other okay to wake clocks where a light suddenly comes on, the Gro Clock features stars that come out at bedtime and go out one by one overnight to show the passing of time. Once it’s time to wake up, the clock glows orange and the sun rises. The Gro Clock has both weekday and weekend programs and comes with an illustrated book.

Buy it: $45,

Best Kids’ Alarm Clocks

Once your child is older and you’re managing school schedules as well as sleep schedules, having an alarm clock made just for kids can be super-helpful. Designed for kids who are learning numbers and how to tell time, these kids clocks are both practical and educational.

Image: Courtesy Lego

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Digital Clock

Star Wars lovers will flip for this Darth Vader kids’ alarm clock that measures 9.5 inches tall and has moveable arms and legs. Great for kids who already know their numbers (and when it’s okay to wake up), the clock has a light-up display as well as an alarm and snooze function.

Buy it: $22,

Image: Courtesy Clocky

Clocky Alarm Clock

If you have a kid who can’t seem to get out of bed, Clocky is the answer. Clocky is a kids’ alarm clock on wheels that can jump off a nightstand (up to three feet in height) and run away until your sleepyhead gets out of bed and turns it off. With a unique beeping sound and extra-loud alarm, Clocky may be the answer to finally making it to school on time.

Buy it: $46,

Image: Courtesy Mom Knows

MomKnows Galaxy Clock

The Galaxy Clock is a digital kids’ alarm clock that projects soothing images of stars on the ceiling of your child’s room. It also works as a sound machine and has seven built-in sounds, including birds, waves and a “womb simulator” that’s similar to white noise, and can even be paired with your phone to play music. Plus, there’s a built-in thermometer that lets you check the temperature of your child’s room with the touch of a button.

Buy it: $40,

Image: Courtesy Miari

Mirari Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock

The Teach Me Time! clock is an okay to wake clock for older children. It says the time out loud so kids can begin to associate the numbers showing on the clock with the time of day. The clock face glows soft yellow in the evening and lights up green in the morning when it’s okay to get out of bed. Kids will enjoy both the snooze button and the time-teaching game, which has five adjustable skill levels.

Buy it: $37,

Image: Courtesy Five Home

FiveHome Kids Alarm Clock

The color of the FiveHome Kids Alarm Clock can be changed with the touch of a finger. Use the wake up light-only setting to rouse your child without any sound (great for kids with sensory issues), or opt for the nature-sounds alarm. The LED screen displays the current time, date and month.

Buy it: $24,

Image: Courtesy Peakeep

Peakeep Battery Digital Clock

There’s something to be said for those old-school digital kids’ alarm clocks, which is why we love Peakeep’s retro version. The colorful clock boasts large, easy-to-read numbers; plus, the display includes the outside temperature, the date and day of the week. The ascending alarm gets louder over the course of 60 seconds, and dual alarms for weekday and weekend keep everyone on (or off) schedule.

Buy it: $14,

Image: Courtesy WamGra

WamGra Night Light and Alarm Clock

This pick is an alarm clock, night light, Bluetooth speaker and hands-free phone all in one, making it great for older kids. The light has 48 color options that can be changed with the touch of a finger, and alarm sounds you can program to your preference.

Buy it: $39,

Published January 2019

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