Breastfeeding Twins at the Same Time?

How can I feed both my babies at the same time?
ByExcerpted from The Baby Bump, Twins and Triplets Edition
April 26, 2017
mom breastfeeding twins same time
Image: Decue Wu

Simultaneous dining is highly recommended if you plan on getting any sleep for the next few months, or finding time to do much more than be a feeding and burping machine. It can be challenging at first but will greatly simplify your life once you get the hang of it. There are several methods for coordinating feedings, but with any of them, just remember to take frequent burping breaks.

Use a twin baby pillow. These large, U-shaped pillows can work for both breast- and bottle-feedings. For breastfeeding, sit in the center with a baby on either side, head out and feet toward your body (known as the classic football hold). Once they’re in position, they can both nurse at the same time. You can also prop them up in the twin pillow and use bottles (great for times when your partner is handling the feedings).

Bed or throw pillows. They’re a little more awkward to position, but ordinary pillows can also be arranged to do the trick. For nursing, try propping the pillows under your elbows and holding one baby in front across your lap (a cradle hold) while the other stays in a football hold with his feet facing your body, or have both babies in front of you with their feet crisscrossed. Some parents have also found success with simply propping the babies up, facing you, with their head on the pillow, positioned the long way.

Bring in the car seat. If you’re sticking purely with the bottle, try strapping each baby into her car or infant carrier. Hold a bottle in each hand, and sit cross-legged on the floor in between the carriers.

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