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Citrus Fruit and Breastfeeding?

Can I eat citrus fruits while breastfeeding?

Yup, most moms can eat citrus fruits without any problems while breastfeeding. In fact, citrus fruits are great for nursing moms, either as a snack or as part of a meal, since they’re full of vitamin C.
You may have heard that the acid in citrus fruits can upset baby’s stomach, but most babies actually have no problem after mom eats citrus. Of course, you’ll want to watch your baby to see how he or she reacts, just in case he’s one of the few exceptions. If baby seems particularly upset or uncomfortable, or experiences unusual physical symptoms (such a diarrhea) after you eat citrus, try eliminating citrus from your diet for a while to see if that resolves the problem. (Just be sure to get plenty of vitamin C from other sources, such as dark, leafy greens or strawberries.)

It’s also a good idea to consult a lactation consultant if you suspect that baby is reacting negatively to a food you’ve eaten. A consultant can listen to your concerns and help to devise a diet that’s healthy for you and your baby.

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