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Elena Donovan Mauer

Gear to Make Potty Training Easier

You’ve got the potty and the underwear. But what else should you stock up on when you start potty training — and, most important, what will make the process less painful?

Monkey Potty Chart

When it comes to using the potty, most kids really respond to rewards. Give your big kid a sticker whenever he gets the right stuff in the right place, and then add it to this cute chart. (Here’s hoping it fills up fast!) $20, Art.com


Faucet Extender

There’s a lot of hand washing in your near future. And it'll be less of a hassle if you don’t have to hoist your kid up to the sink every time. This contraption rigs things up so your child’s hands can better reach the water flow. $14, Diapers.com


Potty Protectors

When you go into a bathroom stall with a touchy-feely child, you become even more aware of just how disgusting public toilets can be. These towel-like covers have sticky stuff on them, so they adhere to toilet seats and keep little bums and hands from coming into contact with the seats. They’re washable and reusable too. $7 for 10, ToysRUs.com


Flushable Wipes

One big adjustment to ditching the diapers will be letting go of something you’ve relied on for quite some time: baby wipes. Believe us, you do _not _want to flush the ones you’ve been using (unless you really like plunging your toilet). Instead, get your kid's bum clean with the kind of wipe made to be flushed. $8 for 2 packs of 50, EarthsBest.com


Potty-Training Doll

Some kids learn better through pretend play, which is why a potty-training doll might really help you out. We love Paul because, well, he’s one of the few boy dolls out there (the same brand has a girl doll too). He drinks and pees and can even go in the bath. $65, CorolleDolls.com


Tinkle Targets

Your son doesn’t have the best aim? Give him a target. $10 for 30, OneStepAhead.com


Step Stool

What potty-training kid doesn’t have a step stool to help him reach the sink? We love this one because of its bright, bold colors and because it’s sturdy and wobble-free. $19, Target.com


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