Best Healing Crystals for Postpartum Moms

Healing crystals are the latest fad people can’t stop buzzing about. We got the lowdown on the new trend—including what the heck crystal energy even means.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Associate Editor
Updated August 6, 2020
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Healing crystals are having a moment right now, but the truth is, there’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to understanding healing crystals and their meanings. Wouldn’t it be great if keeping crystals nearby would instantly solve all your postpartum woes? Turns out, there’s a bit more to healing stones than that.

We talked to crystal specialists to get the lowdown on what crystal energy really is. Here’s the skinny—healing crystals won’t work magic. But they can be used to help transform your mindset and keep you calm, which is basically like magic for an anxious new mom. Below, we take a deep dive into crystal energy and the best healing crystals for new moms—plus some of our favorite healing crystal jewelry and other products to help you incorporate healing stones into your daily routine.

What Is Crystal Energy?

By definition, crystal energy is the energy that a crystal is thought to give off. While not backed the science, the belief is that crystal energy can promote physical and emotional healing by positively interacting with your body’s own energy field. “The energies vary from creativity, abundance, love, stability and more,” explains Courtney Abbiati, co-founder of The Urban + The Mystic, a purveyor of healing crystals. “These energies help you heal, call things into your life and raise your vibration.”

There aren’t too many conventional studies on crystals, but one study from 2001 (not published but presented to the European Congress of Psychology) concluded the power of these minerals is “in the eye of the beholder.” Meaning, healing crystals are more about getting people into the right mindset and giving them the push they need to make their mental health a priority.

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Which is why it’s not all too surprising that crystal energy is often grouped with mental and spiritual disciplines, such as yoga and meditation. “In its simplest form, it’s a grounding tool that helps us to reconnect with ourselves,” says Heather Askinosie, a crystal and feng shui expert and co-founder of Energy Muse.

How Do You Use Healing Crystals?

Holding crystals or placing them on your body is thought to promote healing, but there are a lot of different ways people can incorporate crystal energy into their everyday lives. “Some people use them at work, and others like to hold their crystals while meditating,” Abbiati explains. “You can make crystal grids by combining different crystals in a powerful display, or simply keep one out as visual reminder of the energy you’re calling into your life.”

We’re going to state the obvious: Crystals are beautiful to look at. Whether or not you buy into their healing powers, they add a nice touch to any home or living space. Even Askinosie admits their appearance is what first attracted her to crystals. “I thought they were pretty and sparkly, and I liked having them in my environment,” she shares. Crystals are great accents on shelves, coffee tables or window sills. “Not everyone can enjoy mother nature all the time, so it’s a great way to bring the energy of the earth and nature inside your environment when you can’t get outside.”

Healing crystal jewelry is another easy and fashionable way to keep these minerals nearby. A healing stone necklace or healing crystal bracelets not only harness crystal energy, but also act as visual reminders of why you chose the stone and what you hope it helps you achieve. Tiny touchstone crystals that fit in the palm of your hand are also perfect for popping into your pocket. When you’re feeling stressed, rub it to help bring yourself back to the mindset you want to be in.

At the end of the day, healing crystals are what you make of them—so don’t worry too much about the proper way to use them. “Follow your intuition, pick a crystal and take deep breaths with it once a day for thirty days in a row,” Abbiati says. “It’s that simple.”

Best Healing Crystals for New Moms

Motherhood is many incredible things, but it can also be mentally and physically exhausting. Healing crystals remind you to carve out a little time every day just for yourself—whether it’s holding a crystal when you’re feeling overwhelmed, meditating for a few minutes or even wearing a healing stone necklace as a daily reminder of what’s important to you and why.

And the best part? Using healing stones requires the minimum amount of effort. Some crystals are said to alleviate stress, while others are believed to improve concentration or creativity. Check out some of the best healing crystals for new moms below.

  • Hematite: According to Askinosie, Hermatine is the No. 1 crystal for new moms because it helps remind them to stay grounded in new situations. “When I was a new mom, I wore a hematite anklet…It brings all of your energy to your feet, and when we’re grounded we make decisions from a grounded space because we’re not in our heads.”

  • Selenite: This soothing crystal is perfect for a new mom whose head is always in a million places at once. Selenite will encourage women to clear and cleanse their minds. Thanks to the stone’s white hue, it’s often used as lighting decor in homes.

  • Celestite: Celestite is a light blue stone that embodies a dreamlike quality. It promotes restfulness to help you (and baby!) sleep soundly at night. It’s the perfect stone for when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

  • Amethyst: Amethyst is known for its gorgeous violet hue, and is said to instill peace and harmony in the home.

  • Rose quartz: Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, making it perfect for new moms who are learning to bond with baby. The soft pink color is soothing and encourages new parents to embrace the sweet connection.

  • Angelite: Angelite is another blue stone and is associated with soothing energy to help with life transitions, such as welcoming a baby to the world.

  • Rhodonite: Known as “the rescue stone,” rhodonite healing stones have a pink and black coloring. When you start to feel stressed, rhodonite reminds you to stay calm, cool and collected.

Healing crystal products

From touchstones to home decor and healing crystal jewelry, here are the best products for new moms to help you incorporate crystal energy into your lives.

Image: Courtesy Viki Lynn

Hematite ankle bracelet

Help ground your body’s energy by wearing a hematite ankle bracelet every day. When you wear it, visualize all negativity flowing down your body and dissolving into the earth.

Buy it: $8,

Image: Courtesy Energy Muse

Celestite healing crystals

Let celestite be your saving grace and help you get back to a healthy sleep routine. Place the crystal next your bed to remind yourself to take deep breaths when you can’t stop tossing and turning all night long.

Buy it:$15,

Image: Courtesy Crystal Hills

Healing stone necklace

This healing stone necklace features a beautiful lavender pendant that can be dressed up or down to go with every outfit.

Buy it:$52,

Image: Courtesy The Urban & The Mystic

Baby Box

Treat yourself to a new mom gift that’s as functional as it is sentimental. The bundle features a couple of different products and healing crystals, including an angelite heart to promote soothing energy and help with the transition.

Image: Courtesy Earth Bound Trading

Crystal tower

The selenite tower can be used for decoration or as a source of light. The healing crystal is known for its iridescent glow.

Image: Courtesy Crystal Hill

Earrings with healing crystals

Celebrate your unconditional love for baby with soft rose quartz earrings. The piece of healing crystal jewelry is triangular shaped to symbolize a mother’s heart.

Buy it: $52,

Image: Courtesy The Urban & The Mystic

Heart healing gift box

Motherhood isn’t all roses and daisies. This heart healing crystals box encourages you to lift yourself out of any slump you may be experiencing, and to seek the help you need from those you love. In addition to candles and a journal, the gift box also includes a rhodonite healing stone to promote balance and serenity in your life.

Published July 2019

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