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Anisa Arsenault
Associate Editor

How Much Should You Pay Your Babysitter?

What's the going rate for a sitter on your block?

Based on a new study from Care.com, the average babysitter takes home $13.50 per hour. And that's just for one kid.

The numbers vary quite a bit from city to city; in San Francisco, for example, the average rate of a babysitter is $16.65 per hour. But in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the rate dips down to $11.31 (still higher than minimum wage).

Regardless, saving money isn't the biggest motivator for parents looking to hire a sitter. Only  3 percent of the 1,000+ members surveyed cited they were motivated to hire based on how much a sitter chargers. Alternatively, 49 percent said it was based on how much kids adore him or her.

Unsurprisingly, desperation usually costs more:  64 percent of parents will pay more for a last-minute sitter. And assuming it all works out great? Parents shell out even more, with  87 percent saying they'd give their favorite sitter a raise!

One thing's for sure: Rates are definitely on the rise. In 2009, the average was $10.50 per hour. Who knew your middle school summer job would be the one with the steepest salary increase?