Is My Toddler Ready to Move From His Crib to a Bed?

When is the right time to transition a toddler from crib to bed?
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March 9, 2020

Most parents transition toddlers from crib to bed between the ages of one and a half and three years old. But there’s only an immediate need to make the switch once the child is potty-trained — so he can get up to use the bathroom during the night.

If you’re concerned that your toddler might climb out of his crib and hurt himself — either on his way down or while wandering around your house while you’re asleep — take these steps first: Lower the crib mattress as far as it will go, and install a crib tent, which forms a mesh tent over the top of the crib to keep him secured.

If the reason you want to make this crib-to-bed transition is because you want to free up the crib for a baby on the way, which is very common, be sure to give your toddler plenty of time to adjust (about six to eight weeks). He’ll need to be completely comfortable in his new bed before a new sibling usurps the crib he once saw as his own.

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