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Kid-Friendly YouTube App Makes Its Debut

Is your toddler already a pro at swiping through your tablet? Those skills are about to go into overdrive with today’s launch of the YouTube Kids app.

The first Google-built app designed specifically for children,  YouTube Kids uses larger images and bold icons to help little fingers navigate through videos, which are filtered into the channels “Shows,” “Music,” “Learning” and “Explore.” Not at the reading level yet? Voice search is an option too.

As you probably guessed, all of the content is kid-friendly. But you can narrow that scope even further by eliminating the search function, and letting your kids choose from pre-selected videos on the homescreen. A timer allows you to keep that screen time down. But our favorite feature of all? The ability to turn off background music and sound effects. (If only we could use this app on our fellow subway commuters.)

The app is free on Google Play and iTunes. Add it to the list of cool tech products for kids launching in 2015.

Photo: YouTube
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