Losing the Baby Weight

5 tips for burning off your baby fat.
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ByPaula Kashtan
Jan 2017
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Now that you’re a mom, hours for exercise (or chores…or calling back your mother…or cooking dinner) are few and far between. Try out these quick tips for burning baby fat in between dinner, diapers, and doctor visits.

Hit the Sidewalk
Start off with a short walk around the block and build up to 20 minutes of cardio 3 to 5 times per week. If you can’t find the time to leave your house, walking up and down stairs for 15 minutes burns just as many calories.

Baby = Barbell
Use baby’s ever-increasing weight to youradvantage. Try holding him to your chest while doing lunges, or lyingon your back and lifting him to the ceiling and back down (think benchpress).

*Give Nursing a Shot
Breastfeeding is an easy way to lose weight… and up to 800 calories a day!

Toss the Junk
Watch what you eat. Easier said than done, of course, but a healthy snack can go a long way in dropping pounds and decreasing hunger. Rid your kitchen of junk food to eliminate the temptation.

*Don’t Go It Alone
Use the buddy system. Team up with other moms to support and motivate one another to eat healthy and work out. Need extra motivation? Consider a workout class geared for postpartum moms.

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