My Baby’s Firsts Are Happening Way Too Fast!

BySarah Kulchar
March 2, 2017
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One thing that I did not expect from motherhood was how quickly our little babies change, grow, and develop. Everyone tells you to cherish every moment because it goes by so fast but until I had a child of my own I never fully understood.

Being a mom requires you to adjust constantly.

In the three months since my son was born I have been astonished at how rapidly he develops. It seems that every time I get used to a milestone I have to let it go as it is replaced by something new. Part of me wants him to stay a newborn forever so that I can cuddle and smooch him whenever I want. Another part of me thrives alongside him as he is learning to roll over, sit up, and to communicate.

This paradox is one that I think will follow us moms throughout our entire lives.  Right when you are adjusted to your current situation, there is a new change. Luckily, there is some balance once you learn to expect this cycle. As something old fades away, something new and exciting replaces the gap that was left.

I’m learning that adjusting and letting go isn’t always terrible if it means that something else right around the corner.

What things have you had a hard time adjusting to with your little one?

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