How I Knew My Nanny Was the One

You’ve narrowed the field, but how do you know exactly whom to trust with baby’s care, learning and safety? Take note from these Bumpies — they shared how they knew their child’s caregiver was the perfect pick.
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Updated January 30, 2017
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“Mid-interview, we just knew she was the nanny for us. Every question she answered was what we were hoping for — we found her four years ago.” — Sarah

“She taught my kids the ABCs in Spanish, and my son would cry when she left for the day. She also ‘got’ my obsession with healthy foods. We knew she was great!” — Renee O.

“My husband was key in deciding whom to choose — his instincts were amazing and spot-on!” — CCarroll

“You want someone with experience, so check local moms’ groups or your friends for referrals.” — AZ123

“I was looking for a perfect fit for everyone — the nanny, my kids, and my husband and I. We had to make sure we could communicate and create a consistent way of caring for and teaching the kids.” — Chris C.

“I waited to choose a nanny until after my baby was born. I wanted to see how they interacted with my baby and how comfortable I felt with them holding my child.” — Mrs. G

“Some ladies or gents will sound great on paper but rub you the wrong way once they’re in your home. So have them come over, and see how they are in your home environment.” — Missaleah

“I just always felt more comfortable going by personal recommendations, so I asked other friends’ nannies or babysitters to help me know that the person I was hiring was a good fit.” — MG

“There’s a feeling you get when it’s right, sort of like when you know when your husband is ‘the one.’ It was important to me that she be very communicative, fun, attentive and fit in with our family’s lifestyle.” — SG

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