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How I Lost the Baby Weight and Learned to Love My Postbaby Body

Ladies! I have great news for you! There is a way to change your attitude that will soon change your body,so get ready to bring out your inner Giselle or Charlize Theron! (Seriously!)

Trust me, this will take little effort on your part so no “but I am a mommy” or “I have no time” excuses! And while you are headed towards a better, more magnificent you, you can lead by example — showing your children healthy habits to help them make better lifestyle choices.

Here are the top tricks to get the waistline of your dreams without ever going to the gym! Check 'em out:

Before you go to sleep at night, set a glass of water on your nightstand with a spoon. In the morning when you wake up, give the spoon a stir a couple times to activate the water and reenergize it. Drink up to wake your body up and kick start it into motion!

Start your day with a veggie/juice combination. Try carrots, apple, beets, spinach and ginger. Blend it or juice it. I promise you will feel a boost of energy and you will soon forget all about the breakfast feast you used to make for the family. The kiddos will love it!

Eat like a toddler and snack all day. Snack when your tot does — and eat the same portion size. Trust me, you won’t get hungry because you’ll be eating all day. Your metabolism will start to work faster because it has energy all day to burn.

Remind yourself EVERY TIME you pass a mirror to stand tall, shoulders back and down. This will give your body a chance to use muscles you might have forgotten about since being pregnant, nursing, and carrying a toddler became part of your daily routine. And without realizing it you will be giving your stomach muscles a workout too! Bonus!

Think positive EVERY TIME you think about your extra cushion. It has been said too many times now; Think wellness, be well. Uplift your thoughts.

Stop squeezing into clothes that hug you in the wrong spot. For instance, leave the low-waisted pants to your teen. Shop for styles that fit and flatter you. You are a woman, so celebrate that with a mid or high-waisted pant. Show off those curves! You’ve earned them! And you worked hard for them! Once you embrace your shape, you will look and feel unstoppable.

Get yourself a new bra! And while you are at it, go get properly fit for a bra! Most women from an early age have misconceived impressions of what size they actually are. Try Victoria’s Secret or Nordstrom’s. The staff is very highly qualified and know how to deliver the news without making you feel traumatized over the idea that you are actually a size or two larger than you have been shopping for the last couple years!

Take a bread break. Don’t eat any bread for 7 days. See how different you feel. Notice your pants fitting a little looser? Pay attention to how much you use bread when you could use other things to hold a dish together like lettuce or eggplant, or nothing at all. I love using a leaf of collard greens instead of a hamburger bun for my burgers. It holds up well and is just as satisfying!

What are your tips for staying in shape?

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