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Prepping Your Toddler For A New Sibling

With new Princess Charlotte in the spotlight, our thoughts are turning back to George. How is his royal highness adjusting to life as a big brother? If you're about to bring home baby no. 2, you'll want to help your eldest get ready to no longer be king of the castle. We have some tips.

  • Make sure he knows ahead of time that you and Dad might not have as much time to spend with him once his little brother or sister arrives. And make sure he understands that he won’t be able to play with the baby for a few months after he’s born.
  • Some moms like to prep their kid by teaching him to be more independent in certain ways, like cleaning up his toys himself. Consider giving your child a baby doll or stuffed animal to “take care of” while you care for the new baby to make him feel included.
  • While you want your big kid to be prepared, you also want things to feel as normal as possible throughout the changes — and that means making sure your kid knows you’ll always still love him and that he’ll always be very special to you. Make it a point to spend one-on-one time with him now and plan to continue to do that once the baby comes, too.
  • Introduce sharing. It's a tricky concept for toddlers to grasp, especially if they haven't had to. Be sure to praise any behavior that even remotely resembles sharing — holding up an object to show a playmate even qualifies. Make sure he sees you praising other children who are showing signs of sharing too.
  • When you’re playing with a game or eating something delicious, ask him if he wants you to share it with him. Over time, he'll imitate you.