Q&A: Do I Need a Pediatrician Who Specializes in Multiples?

Should I choose a pediatrician who specializes in multiples or is that not necessary?
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By Karen Moise, RN, Registered Nurse
Updated February 28, 2017
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There’s a lot that needs to get done during the time you’re pregnant with multiples, so don’t be upset when I add one more thing to the list: finding a pediatrician that’s right for your family! It’s great to find a pediatrician who is familiar with treating multiples, and it’s key to choose a doctor who understands the developmental issues that are often associated with prematurity, but the important part is finding a doctor who you feel comfortable with. Do some research before your babies are born, so you know exactly where to take them for their first doctor’s visit. While your multiples pregnancy should be treated very different from a singleton pregnancy, the same isn’t necessarily true once your babies are out of the womb.

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